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Successful completion of a written assignment is always easier with a free essay of global warming sample. Student, wielding such power is unstoppable, able to write small text or giant poem regarding this urgent problem. The size, content, or complexity of an English essay on global warming differs from one institution to another, so checking out provided samples is helpful. Available examples, written by capable students, perfectly demonstrate the peculiarities of such assignments on different topics, of various sizes. Study them to create unique articles from scratch!

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17 Sep 2023

Climate Change and Global Warming

Is Earth Warming? Climate Change, Lines of Evidence is a short video produced by the National Academy of Sciences to help summarize what is known about climate change. Climate is measured by statistics such as the...

Words: 1213

Pages: 4

Views: 81

Hurricanes and Global Warming

There is insufficient evidence that hurricanes and global warming are linked. In the contemporary world, the rate of greenhouse gas emissions has increased significantly with increasing industrialization. The...

Words: 296

Pages: 1

Views: 469

17 Sep 2023

Does Global Warming Destroy the Environment?

Does Global Warming Destroy the Environment? Global warming is a significant challenge that results in climate change. Global warming stresses the environment through temperature rises, ocean acidification,...

Words: 1111

Pages: 4

Views: 433

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17 Sep 2023

Global Warming: A Hot Topic

The global mean temperature increased by 0.5 o F to 1.1 o F in the past century and predict that the global mean temperatures will rise by 2 o F to 6.5 o F in the next decade (Houser & Libecap, 2017). The truth is...

Words: 1736

Pages: 6

Views: 106

The Causes and Consequences of Global Warming

Global warming, a concept attributed to the increase in mean temperatures of the Earth, has arguably been one of the most researched and discussed topics since the turn of the 21st century. The causes and effects of...

Words: 295

Pages: 1

Views: 428

Climate Change: Is Global Warming a Hoax or Being Exaggerated?

Climate change has been a significant concern around the world. The main discussion that exists about global warming is whether it is exaggerated or a hoax. An exaggeration is a comment that indicates that something...

Words: 962

Pages: 3

Views: 124

The Top 10 Arguments Against Global Warming

Evidently, global warming is one of the hot topics in today’s global platform (Philander, 2012) . The debate over the issue has attracted various viewpoints from different quarters. Although many people consider...

Words: 1068

Pages: 4

Views: 161

16 Sep 2023

Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation

Global warming has in the past five decades become an unavoidable topic with many scientists and environmental specialists warning of serious negative consequences in case of soon mitigations. Global warming is...

Words: 1135

Pages: 4

Views: 59

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Kyoto Protocol and Global Warming Evaluation

Global climate change admits to the fact that the climate is rapidly shifting due to increased human activities. In this case, climate change comprises of warmer weather, drought, severe storms and even rising sea...

Words: 874

Pages: 3

Views: 401

16 Sep 2023


STATISTICS OF QATAR AND GLOBAL WARMING Abstract Global warming is the continuous rise of the mean temperature of the earth, adequate enough to cause a change of climate. This may vary with some regions registering...

Words: 495

Pages: 2

Views: 136


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Download Free Global Warming Essay Examples!

Every example of global warming essay on this site is freely downloadable as a pdf file. Browse through hundreds of high-quality samples. Select the useful ones on a connected topic and download them in one click. Students, teachers, professors – everyone can use them at any time. No registration is needed, no asking for money. Everything is utterly free, forever.

These samples are a source of infinite knowledge, new writing tricks, and tips. By studying them scholars can distinguish the main principles of how such papers are structured and written. Learn argumentation, wording, and transitioning between parts. Use gratis examples of an essay on global warming in English pdf for improving writing skills. Extract useful info, implement it, and improve grades instantly! Just repeat after the samples for the easier, more effective completion of an assignment.

Short Essays on Global Warming in PDF

Teachers often task scholars with a global warming short essay in English. Modern times require people to think of this problem constantly. So, scholars start writing such papers in the second or third grades. Not every pupil is willing to spend tons of time on one short essay on global warming in English. That’s why we offer samples. Here are reasons how an example of a short essay on global warming for students in pdf can help.

  • Improved vocabulary

This topic does require advanced wording and subject-specific terminology, extracted from scientific publications or samples.

  • Structuring advice

Scholars learn the organization of a text, narration pacing, building a foundation for argumentation.

  • Argumentation techniques

Convincing, academically-correct ways of reasoning can be easily learned from examples.

Free Global Warming Essays and Papers

Next thing to clarify is why these samples of global warming essay pdf are so great and useful. The list was made to highlight some benefits of a  free essay about global warming.

  • Easily downloadable

Files are freely available and can be downloaded straight away, without registration or financial infusion. They are easy to get and study.

  • Well-designed

Papers feature strong structure and demonstrate adequate pacing of the narration. Each paragraph was written to correctly express ideas and convince readers.

  • Credible sources

Facts mentioned are supported by trustworthy sources. Such as publications in scientific journals, conferences, books.

  • Got high scores

Every global warming essay in English we offer was donated by students. The papers you see were submitted and earned the highest grades.

High School Essays on Global Warming

A free essay on global warming for school members does come in handy. Scholars often struggle with such academic writing tasks. This happens due to the novelty of the topic as well as the inability to express contradicting opinions. Or even due to lack of knowledge. Before typing, young authors must conduct research and accumulate facts, numbers, data. They must study different opinions and find a personal attitude towards this problem. Only after this stage, the writing process can begin.

Each new topic brings changes to the structure, size, and narration of academic pieces. Scholarly papers heavily differ with each change of subject. It’s crucial for students to understand how such papers should look, argument presentation, citations. The best way to learn this is by following proposed article samples.

Global Warming Essay for 7th Grade

Essay on global warming for class 7 scholars does challenge creativity together with critical and analytical thinking. For the first time, a written task requires substantial research beforehand. Earlier presenting a widely-known definition with a personal attitude was enough. Now, scholars must provide reasoning, analyze outcomes, and propose solutions.

An Info must come from credible sources, presented in a comprehensible, readable way. Advanced writing skills are required along with sufficient subject knowledge. Mastering these skills and gathering data takes time. With free text samples, it’s possible to imitate them without spending time on their development. Follow pre-existing paper examples, learn argumentation, citation, and structuring.

Global Warming Essay for 8th Grade

An essay on global warming for class 8 does not differ much from the one scholars had a year ago. Topics become deeper, more complex, and more challenging. Completing an already difficult task becomes real torture. Data mining, assessing the current situation, and making predictions are some steps to take. The time and effort needed to complete this written task rise dramatically.

With proposed free paper examples this assignment becomes much easier. Clever students have already designed multiple academically perfect papers. All that’s left is following them. Even blindly will do. Rephrase sentences, use new wording, and repurpose arguments. Dissect these samples into pieces and create one, Frankenstein-style paper!

Global Warming Essay in English for 9-10th Grade

High-schoolers hate writing a global warming paragraph for class 9-10 assignments. Scholars want to party and relax. They get upset when this ideal rhythm is broken by another scholarly piece to do. Students spend little time on it, thus lowering their GPA.It affects future life too.

Do not make this mistake! Download proposed samples and study them closely. Half an hour of reading will elevate grades and improve writing skills. Straightforward copying of such articles significantly increases the chances of getting high grades. Do some rephrasing, change a few sentences, and rewrite what’s needed. Make your papers original – earn the grade you deserve!

Essay on Global Warming for College Students

Browse through hundreds of free global warming essays for students of colleges and pick the best one for you! College scholars are expected to create the most unique, in-depth researched, argumentative papers. Look how the provided samples of global warming essay for students in pdf can elevate personal writing abilities.

  • Various sizes

Size of samples varies from hundreds of words to thousands. The range of text volumes and subjects suits all the needs.

  • Solid research

All mentioned facts were taken straight from credible journals, publications, and books. No data was forged or altered.

  • Trustworthy data

Information representation is built to convince readers and make them invested in a problem-solving process.

  • Effective structuring

Concrete outline is seen under every word, sentence, and transition. Effective, comprehensible narration is present.

Free Argumentative Essays on Global Warming in PDF

To create an academically correct argumentative essay about global warming, scholars must possess substantial writing skills. Such abilities can be obtained either by spending time practicing or by copying existing text samples. The second approach yields even better results. Students see the implementation of tricks and learn wording and argumentation firsthand. There is no transition layer of personal experience.

Having a competently-written example of an argumentative essay on global warming frees precious hours. Those hours can be spent on other assignments a student has. Scholars extract a great deal of help even from one global warming argumentative essay pdf file. This website offers hundreds of them.

Almost every topic covered, every regulation is fulfilled. The articles you see were donated by students who got the highest grade for those pieces. Compliant with all rules, they display a perfect synergy between creativity, critical thinking, and scientific research. Use them to further enhance personal skills and writing abilities.

Essay on Global Warming in 150 Words

Creating a detailed global warming essay in English 150 words is next to impossible. You have to be a magician to squeeze all data in only ten dozen words. Such a small amount is enough only for a definition and personal attitude. Similarly sized articles are common only for scholars of secondary school or during application procedures. If you got tasked with a 150 word essay on global warming, examine sample texts to do it correctly.

Offered samples will help you write a paragraph on global warming in 150 words or less. Learn how big ideas can be simplified until they fit a small enclosure. No space for multiple arguments and detailed problem descriptions, just the basic info.

Essay on Global Warming in 200 Words

Assignments like a global warming essay in English 200 words are similar to the one discussed previously. No space to spare for additional facts or discussions. Keep information short, simple, and comprehensible. Such assignments require exceptional skill in writing. To avoid a long educational process, follow the proposed samples.

Presented examples, written by clever students, will help create a small essay on global warming. Look how sentences are structured with the purpose of housing as much data as possible. Authors must demonstrate the skill of avoiding repetitions, useless wording, and short sentences. They are obliged to pack information densely, without compromising its informational value. 200 words are not much but enough to prove a point. Select an approach that will allow effective, coherent, informative narration. It is where our narrative essay examples will come in handy. Work on smooth, short transitions between internal topics.

Essay on Global Warming in 250 Words

Need an essay on global warming in 250 words pdf? We’ve got you covered! Ernest Hemingway wrote a masterpiece in less than a dozen words. It proves that a complete article can be squeezed into only 250 words. This is a small amount, yet it allows for accurate problem representation. Authors have more space to highlight different sides of a problem and add more arguments or proofs.

If you’re struggling with a global warming essay in English 250 words, read our proposed examples. Some students manage to fit all the necessary data without crossing this size limitation. Examine those articles, look how it’s done. Pay attention to sentence structuring, argumentation, transitions, and vocabulary usage. Follow freely available scholarly pieces closely – write a unique, custom paper.

Essay on Global Warming in 300 Words

Every scholar, teacher, and professor can download a free global warming essay in English 300 words pdf. Texts of this size are very common. Three hundred words are more than enough to express an opinion with argumentation. There’s space for a proper introduction and conclusion. A body section does not have to be dismal. An author can present arguments in detail.

Unfortunately, size still limits the number of possible arguments to one or two. Creating such a paper does require strict following rules and advice from before. Space-saving measures are still needed, they are welcomed. Try keeping it short, on-point, and without needless deviations. Download a global warming essay in English 300 words, examine and study closely. Determine how scholars did it to copy their approach.

Essay on Global Warming in 1000 Words

For a correct global warming essay in English 1000 words pdf samples are the most useful. A thousand words is a sufficient amount for any type of written article. Discussing climate change can go a long way in such huge papers. Scholars get full freedom when it comes to structuring, argumentation, and depth of research.

For large papers creating a competent outline is hard to underestimate. Without a concrete structure, for a global warming essay 1000 words may not be enough. Following an outline keeps thoughts in line and arguments organized. Narration stays clean, elegant, and sharp.

Multiple samples are freely available on this website. Download them as pdf or read them online. Study closely every paragraph getting useful insights into peculiarities of academic writing.

What Is a Global Warming Essay

The definition of global warming essay portrays it as a written piece, targeted at explaining, describing and analysis of climate change problematics. Such written papers are common in all educational institutions, asking scholars to demonstrate critical and evaluative thinking. Articles of this type heavily rely on prior research materials, facts, and numbers. Loud words do not work here and are inadvisable.

While creating these pieces, try focusing on real data and facts. Don’t jump into speculations, repeat unconfirmed data, or raise panic. Keep it scientific and academically correct. Maintain a stable, clean narrative, without rapid subject changes. Read proposed sample texts and follow them for greater results.

Global Warming Essay Outline

Never skip creating an essay outline about global warming. Building a solid structure for your article is crucial for achieving a high-scoring paper. To design an outline, try writing down initial thoughts and ideas. Form those ideas into a coherent short version of the final paper. Look at what arguments you are presenting and how each one must be shown. Determine important points in your text and choose an approach to highlighting them. 

Sample of outline for essay on global warming


  • Introduce the topic
  • Emphasize its importance
  • Hook attention 
  • Optional thesis statement
  • Personal attitude

Body paragraphs

  • Present an argument
  • Describe it in detail
  • Propose examples
  • How can it be changed?


  • Restate the subject
  • Reintroduce to the problem
  • Brief recaps of body paragraphs
  • Summarize data
  • Changes in personal attitude

Global Warming Essay Introduction

the First paragraph must be dedicated to a short introduction of global warming essay. This part hooks the attention. It acts as a trampoline into a world of climate change. Interest readers, make them care and invested. Start by introducing the audience to a subject. Include a definition from dictionaries or make one up. Try emphasizing the importance and urgency of dealing with climate change.

Don’t overcrowd this section with facts or numbers. Add one catchy fact, shocking info to hook attention. Keep it short, informative, and scientific. Provide only relevant data and fresh findings. State personal attitude towards this issue and hint at a possible solution. If you are unsure how to express your point of view, study our personal essay examples. Get a better understanding of this part by looking at our sample.

Example of introduction for global warming essay

Global warming describes a gradual rise in the average temperature of the earth’s oceans and its atmosphere. These changes are attributed to the greenhouse effect which is as a result of the increased levels of the chlorofluorocarbons, carbon dioxide, and many other pollutants (Crate & Nuttall, 2016). It is believed that the change is permanently changing the climatic conditions across the world. The topic, however, has generated heated debate as to whether all these claims are true though climate scientists insist that the planet is slowly warming. The changes which may be experienced as a result of global warming may include rising sea levels and increase in the number of storms and other unpredictable weather events. Below we shall discuss some of the reasons why different countries have held different views on the subject matter and how those views affect social and economic policies. 

Global Warming Essay Body Paragraph

In the middle, write a short paragraph on global warming in English. One paragraph or multiple depending on size limitations. Body sections must occupy at least half of an entire article. In this part, students are expected to present their findings along with analysis. Have some questions? Browse our sample analysis essays.

Each main global warming paragraph in English starts with stating the argument or any point needed. Followed by detailed description and analysis, it gives support and adds weight to the authors’ words. It’s crucial to maintain the same level of information quality throughout using only credible sources. Design these sections in such a way, that every point, argument as well as the reason could be fully uncovered and presented in full. Use clean, comprehensible, academically correct language.

Example of global warming paragraph writing

Advancement and the rapid growth of the industrial sector have seen different countries competitively engage in activities that promote air pollution. Many manufacturing industries are being set up in places where we used to see forests. That means that forest spaces are quickly being eaten into so as to free up land for the development of industries. In America, many manufacturing industries have been set up in rural areas, causing the cutting down of trees which, previously, had acted as a source of fresh air as well as a natural habitat for many animals and organisms. That America even denies the reality that global warming, therefore, might be taken as a denial of its explicit contribution to the same phenomenon. The current president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, during his campaign, said that global warming was a hoax (Walsh, 2015). Even further, he even said that global warming was a move by the Chinese government to ensure that America never grew its manufacturing industries, as this would in turn fuel her own industrial development. He further criticized the move by the former president, Obama, to invest billions of money in the green energy project (Hu, 2017).

Global Warming Essay Conclusion

Final section is solely reserved for the conclusion of global warming essay. It consists of a topic repetition, rephrasing of main ideas, and reminding of importance. Other elements are: repeating of main data briefly and concluding whether anything can be changed and how. It’d be useful to mention how the author's attitude has changed after finding all that data.

A conclusion to global warming articles occupies roughly the same volume as an introduction. It provides a satisfactory ending and energizes readers with a will to fight climate change together. A summary must remain informative and critical. By creating a competent finale the author showcases personal writing together with analytical skills. To create a unique, interesting, easily-readable concluding part, read the proposed text samples below.

Global warming essay conclusion example

Global warming as discussed above remains a debatable subject by many. By definition global warming is simply a rapid change in climatic conditions caused mainly by pollution, especially poisonous gasses from industries. Many countries and leaders believe that it is real although some like the United States and Britain, reassure that it is not real but rather a plan by the scientists in conjunction with other countries to hinder their competitive developments in industrial growth. The current President of the United States made clear his belief regarding global warming as a hoax. With such divergent stands, we expect both the economy and the social policies to be affected.  For the economy, different countries and leaders holding different positions may create rivalry and hence affect trade between these countries. When that happens, the economic status in both countries gets affected. For social policies, different States and politicians can hold different opinions which may affect the relationship between governments and countries. That, in turn, brings about economic sabotage.

How to Write an Essay on Global Warming

Global warming essay writing process is tedious, time-consuming. Like any other argumentative paper, it requires special actions for successful completion. Only after that, the article can be submitted. Follow these steps to make essay writing of global warming simpler and more effective.

  1. Research. Authors must study the topic closely and find information to support their idea. Such data mining is obligatory for every schooler above fifth grade.
  2. Structure. Writers must develop a solid outline for effective readable papers. It will support arguments, tie them together, and allow for smooth transitioning.
  3. Draft. Essay writing on global warming can’t be completed from the first try. Such scholarly pieces need editing, re-reading, streamlining, and simplification.
  4. Help. Ask someone to read the text. Take suggestions and criticism into account. Outside opinion is very helpful in every argumentative, persuasive writing.
  5. Proofreading. After the final draft is complete, look for grammar errors as well as spelling mistakes. Eliminate them as well as unclear wording, repetitions, contradictory data.

Hint: I you are busy and do not have enough time, try our top-notch scheduling calculator to plan everything.

Global Warming Essay Topics in English

Selecting an interesting topic on global warming is a cornerstone of a successful scholarly piece. Teachers usually provide a list of subjects to choose from. If there’s an option for selecting a custom topic of global warming essay, do it. Here are some suggestions, somewhat challenging and encouraging to think.

  1. Causes, results, and possible solutions everyone can contribute to.
  2. Greenhouse gas accumulation problem in cities and rural areas.
  3. How are polar and northern regions affected by this problem?
  4. Effects on health, general well-being, and everyday life.
  5. How will this issue change the look of our planet?
  6. Facts and fiction behind problematics of climate shift.
  7. Renewable or nuclear power – what’s a better solution to prevent a weather crisis?
  8. Climate change is a natural process, no need to worry: reasons and proofs.
  9. Physics and average temperature increase – the connection between them.
  10. Discuss whether the melting of Polar Ice is or isn’t a result of climate changes.

Our database is full of various topics. Browse and find what you need. Our examples will ease your task of writing.

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FAQ About Best Essay on Global Warming

1. Are your global warming essay examples free?

We offer free essays on global warming. Each pdf file is available freely, with no registration or payment needed. We believe that knowledge must be free, so these samples are distributed without limitations. Download, study and copy them any time you want. Use them to create unique, custom scholarly pieces from the ground up!

2. How to start an essay about global warming?

For an easy essay on global warming start mentioning the subject first. Introduce readers to the problem, its urgency, and its importance. Emphasize personal attitude and highlight the general direction of the text. Keep it simple, clean, easy-to-read. Do not overcrowd the introduction with facts and numbers. Hook readers' attention with one sentence, invest in this problem.

3. How do you end a global warming essay?

End a global warming essay positively. Emphasize the urgency of problem-solving and rephrase the importance once again. Next, present a solution and promptly repeat the outcomes of it. Maintain reasonable narration, don’t jump to a “call to action”. After that, add positive information giving readers the feeling of hope and desire to fight climate change.

4. What consequences can I mention in the effects of global warming essay have?

Simple essays about the global warming don’t focus on consequences. Read proposed examples and find out what info is mentioned. If it’s a small paper, add one or two main drawbacks. There are many research materials available online, and the list of negatives can be endless. Choose the most shocking ones, those that affect everyone.


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