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The Top 10 Cutting Edge Technologies You Need to Know About

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Cutting-edge technology includes technological achievements, devices, and techniques that use the most high-level and current Information Technology developments. In other words, it is the technology that is at the frontier of knowledge ( Benson, 2014) . Emerging technologies have over the years influenced all the sectors of business and the society. They have promised better businesses and society through their innovativeness. Some of the commonest examples of cutting-edge technologies today include Nanotechnology and Robotics, which have played a role in shaping the society and business for tomorrow. In addition, they also affect the values and norms of homes and in workplaces . 

Thesis Statement: Cutting Edge technology has swiftly moved into a vital role in the society, affecting the values and norms of the workforce and at home. 

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Effects of Cutting Edge Technology 

Cutting-edge technology has affected many aspects of life such as increasing loneliness, reducing intelligence and creativity, and it also affects 

Increasing Loneliness 

One of the effects of cutting-edge technology on the society is on health issues. There is no doubt that technology is improving and spreading all over the world. Mental health issues that have resulted from technology are caused by spending more time dealing with the technologies such as computers and televisions without interacting with people. Such actions result in loneliness as people often isolate themselves. The level of loneliness is also as a result of having an independent behavior that results in fear of relating to people. Apart from loneliness, cutting-edge technology also results in anxiety. Unfortunately, parents are still exposing children to some of these technologies even with their negative effects and thus, causing children to suffer from various mental illnesses. For example, addiction to computers and television makes children to disassociate themselves from others as they often isolate themselves from the outer world, and thus causing loneliness and eventually depression. 

Effects on Cutting Edge Technology on Jobs 

Cutting-edge technology has strongly affected the job market. More specifically, as technologies are becoming more sophisticated, there is an increase in demand for workers who are highly skilled. High skills levels result in higher pay in the job market which means that many industries that use sophisticated technologies often experience an increase in the salaries. While other sectors grow because of technology, others decline, especially those that are regarded as low-skill jobs ( Bajaj, 2013) . These sectors that are prone to the decline include retail, construction, and trade jobs. However, cutting-edge technologies are likely to increase productivity thus resulting in the growth of businesses that require more workers. In addition, these businesses can in many cases be able to afford better pay for their employees and thus they result in more jobs and better wages. 

Effects on Competency 

Cutting-edge technology has also affected the level of competency in terms of reducing intelligence and creativity because of dependency of modern technology. Because of modern technology, people often stop being creating and solely depend on these technologies to do everything. In addition, employees are often not motivated to be innovative because they feel that the use of technology means that the company does not respect and trust their work. The thinking is often true despite the reason for installing cutting-edge technologies ( Chen, 2005) . 


Cutting-edge technology has changed the way people and businesses operate, both in positive and negative ways. For example, they increase the level of loneliness because often people isolate themselves. In addition, they have negative effects on the competency of the employees. However, on the positive side, they increase productivity leading to the growth of companies and thus resulting in more jobs in the market. 


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