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Tidal Bore and Tidal Range

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Normally a tidal bore is characterized by a body of water that when there is a high sea tide moves up some rivers within the coastline when there is a presence of a large tidal range and there is an incoming tide though the ranges differ. For instance, the Bay of Fundy which is found between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick has tidal bores and a range that are over 50 feet, unlike the Chesapeake Bay which contains no bore and lower tides because of various reasons. At the onset, there is the aspect of resonance where the size of the bay itself is capable of matching the natural gravitational pushing cycles of the moon, and that causes the tides (Greenberg, Blanchard, Smith, & Barrow, 2012). Secondly, there is the aspect of the shape of the bay where it gets steadily narrower at the same time shallower. As a result of that, it ends up having a narrow and elongated passage that forms a funnel shape unlike that of Chesapeake. The above helps in terms of pushing the water up and that is vital when determining where the tide will be highest. The bay also has got some natural periods of oscillation within 12 and 13 hours. The natural oscillation within the bay provides a perfect synchronization with the tide that normally floods into the bay within the intervals stipulated above. Thus the water within the bay stays in swing with the tides originating from the Atlantic Ocean that give it a push (Duff, 2009). Through that, there is a great increase in the tidal range making the bay have the largest tides in the world 


Duff, G. (2009). Tidal Resonance and Tidal Barriers in the Bay of Fundy System. J. Fish. Res. Bd. Can. , 27(10), 1701-1728. 

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Greenberg, D., Blanchard, W., Smith, B., & Barrow, E. (2012). Climate Change, Mean Sea Level and High Tides in the Bay of Fundy. Atmosphere-Ocean , 50(3), 261-276. 

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