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Topics Raised in "Remember the Titans"

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Remember the Titans 


Remember The Titan s is a movie that details the effects of racial integration in a high school football team. In this film, the student, the community, and the team have to accept the need to replace their white coach Mr. Yoates with a black coach Mr. Boone (Bruckheimer & Oman, 2000). 

Situations, which demonstrate the four functions of management

The film shows how Coach Boone used the four functions of management, which are controlling, organizing, planning and leading. From the movie, it is evident from the onset that Coach Boone intended for the Titans to win the finals. Therefore, he used planning as a strategy for getting the players to work as a team. An example is when he constantly put the entire player through vigorous workouts to improve their stamina for the game. He used controlling as a technique to ensure that the time was united and worked together towards a common goal of winning. A good scenario when Coach Boone used control was in the locker room when he allowed the players to call each other’s name so that they could get over their racial and personal differences. He also controlled the team by stating that he was the law, and the players were to follow his instructions (Bruckheimer & Oman, 2000).

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Coach Boone also acted as the leader of the team by subjecting them to rigorous training. He made sure as a leader that all the team members arrived for the practices on time. As a leader, he knew that the team was torn apart and were not working together as a team should. Therefore, he decided to unite the players and instilled the spirit of teamwork through daily practice. He also made the players know that they were Titians and could win the finals. He realized that the players needed encouragement and constantly gave them motivational speeches to boost their confidence. Coach Boone also used control when he took over every aspect of the team. For example, he united the team, gave orders, and trained the players to be able to follow instruction, work together, and have a common purpose for being in the team (Bruckheimer & Oman, 2000).

Diversity challenges

Some of the diversity challenges that Coach Boone had to deal with when he joined the team was racism and a divided team. From the film, it is evident that the team was an all-white football team formerly lead by a white coach. When the school leaders decided to end the prevalent racial integrations in the school by demanding that black boys join the football team and the leader to be a black coach, everyone including the parents opposed the move. However, the school management stuck to their principles. Therefore, when Coach Boone came on board, he found a team that was divided along racial lines. The white players did no want to play along the black players (Bruckheimer & Oman, 2000). For example, the white team captain Gary Bertie initially resisted playing along black players. The white parent and others in the community also objected the idea that a white coach is an assistant to a black coach. The coach also had to deal with the issue of a divided team. For example, the white players in the team did not want to play along the black players in the team.

Application of the six decision-making steps

Coach Bone applied the six decision-making steps. First, he identified the decision to be made. He did this by leaving the decision to kick Ray off the team to Gerry. Secondly, he gathered relevant information about the team. Thirdly, he identified the alternatives. He realized that if he decided to send Ray off the team, it would be viewed as a racial problem. Fourthly, he weighed the evidence and made his decision that Ray needed to be off the team. Fifthly, he chose among the alternatives. When developing an alternative solution to the problem, he knew that the best person to do that was Gerry. Finally, he took action. He settled on the best solution to the problem, which was to the need to allow Gerry to kick Ray off the team to avoid any further racial issues in the team.

Leadership Qualities demonstrated by the Coaches

Some of the leadership qualities that the coaches utilized to be able to unite the team included the ability to reinforce the behavior of the players. Both coaches realized the need to enable the players to work as a team and deal with their racial differences. They instilled team spirit among the players and made sure that they behaved well towards one another and towards the coaches (Bruckheimer & Oman, 2000). The coaches also realized that the students needed to be motivated to achieve their goal of winning the finals. Therefore, Coach Boone and Yoast gave constant motivational speeches to enable the team members to believe in themselves. The leaders also decide to recognize every effort that the players put towards winning their final matches. Another leadership quality that the coaches used to unify the team was the need for them to work together as well. They believed that if the coaches were united, so should the players be.

Another leadership quality that Coaches Boone and Yoast used to unite the team was passion. They created a desire to win, within the players. They also made sure that the players were passionate about the games and were ready to take on their opponents (Bruckheimer & Oman, 2000). The leaders also used decisiveness as a technique for unifying the team. They made sure that the students were able to make an effective decision both on and off the field to be able to work as a team with a common goal. On the same note, the leaders also employed the tactic of focus and confidence to unite the team. For example, they ensured that the boys were focused on winning and were confident that they could do so.


Bruckheimer, J., & Oman, C. (Directors). (2000). Remember the Titans [Motion Picture].

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