19 May 2022


Understanding Religions & Indigenous Societies

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Just like other components in a society such as family and kinship, religion is a social institution guided by different values. Essentially, religion encompasses the belief in a supernatural being with powers that cannot be matched by human beings (Santayana,2014). It constitutes aspects such as symbols, unique experiences, ethics as well as morals, social structures, sacred text as well as myths.

Indigenous cultures, especially those that do not have vices should be preserved, regardless of technological influence on them. Although technology has revolutionized the approach of doing different things by bringing about high-end efficiency, the cultures of indigenous tribes and preliterary societies should be preserved because of the inherent advantages they possess. Of utmost importance, such cultures are a source of identity to the tribes that practice them. Besides, they outline a set of morals that individuals in such societies have to live by. By eradicating such cultures and fully embracing technology, such individuals are likely to lose their identity, and a few vices are likely to manifest in such communities. Although where possible, technology should be cautiously embraced to some extent, it should not be at the expense of such rich cultures.

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According to Novak (1994), one primary characteristic of historical religions is that they have historical texts as well as cumulative traditions that given time, build as well as develop. Given the above definition, such cultures, due to the fact that most if not all have cumulative traditions can be considered to be religion. Besides, a majority constitutes components of religion such as myths, ethics and morals among others. 

Stories from indigenous tribes and cultures should not be taken as a true reflection of the world because, in most circumstances, they are created to explain certain aspects in the communities of origin. Usually, most are not proven and hence, can be categorized as myths.


Novak, P. (1994). The world's wisdom: Sacred texts of the world's religions . HarperCollins.

Santayana, G. (2014). The Life of Reason Or The Phases of Human Progress: Reason in Religion, Volume VII, Book Three . Mit Press.

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