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Understanding the Mind-Brain Problem

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The mind-brain problem is historically one of the most complex problems to ever have been dealt with both within the public and within academic circles. The main challenge is not the solution to understanding this problem, but the different dimensional challenges that are presented by most of the almost viable explanations involved. René Descartes (1596–1650) argues that the mind and the brain exist independently, dualism. Conversely, In 1721 George Berkeley, an Irish philosopher argued that the brain and the mind exist as a unit. From a philosophical point of view, the argument that makes the most sense, considering most of the challenges that society now grapples with, is the monist approach to explaining the mind-brain problem (Phillips, 2014). Historically, humans are on record for having always had a firm belief in the existence of a supernatural being, the concept of religion. Man continues to hold a firm belief in the existence of spirituality, a key concept that was used to define the mind (conscience, spirit, and soul), and the brain, on the other hand, was left to the thinking of ordinary acts of life. This is the only solid explanation to the dualist approach.

However, with the advancement of science, people have become more rational in their ways of argument. Logical explanations that are based on science have been developed to explain most aspects of human lives, even the concepts of religious beliefs have been transformed to reality, logic and sensibility. Once the brain has comprehended a concept, it then takes to impart this knowledge in the human mind (Gazzaniga, 2013). With time, this turns into belief and conscience, both of which come to fundamentally define any of the expectations that could be of significance in this case. Other factors such as the spirit and mentality are fabricated by the beliefs and the understandings that were conceptualized by the brain cognitively.

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Confirming the relevance of monist approach, medical equipment that analyzes the activities of the brain in relation to the mind counterpart have been developed, for instance, the New Mind Neurofeedback Analysis System is used to monitor the distribution brain generated signals. It used to demonstrate the section of the brain that is more active when mind related activities are generated (Fell, 2010) . Neuro research specialists are affirmative that with the advancement of the neuro analysis equipment they will be able to produce conclusive proof to the relatedness of the brain-mind problem.


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