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Unique Characteristics of Online Learning

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An online learning environment is beneficial due to the higher volume of information and resources available, asynchronous activities, and non-linear discussions. Asynchronous activities are advantages as they create an interactive platform for students where they can access course materials 24/7. The students are also able to share information, helping each other solve any problems they may be experiencing (Ellis, 2001). Through online learning, students can access greater volumes of information and resources. They are used for advanced education, thus equipping learners with an expansive knowledge of their courses. Through non-linear discussions utilizing the message boards and forums, learners can take part in multiple conversations simultaneously. It will allow sharing educational information, asking questions, and creating a social life, which is an essential part of personal and educational life (Creasman, (n.d.). The students can also interact with instructors and consult on specific information or education-related questions.    

The chosen factors can, however, pose limitations within an online environment. Since the students are not limited to the type of information and resources they can access, it poses a danger of accessing unhelpful materials. The students may find information that is not related to their subjects, and they end up getting distracted. It results in wasting too much time on unhelpful information, yet it could be used on something useful. The interaction between students using asynchronous activity also distracts the students and wastes time (Vonderwell, 2003). the non-linear discussion boards also keep students busy with other things instead of concentrating on their studies. Some of the information students access online may mislead them since they are associated with issues such as sex, creating curiosity, and the need for students to try such things (Jin, 2005). Therefore, despite the advantages of online learning, it is associated with lots of issues if the students are not controlled on the type of information they access.

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