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US Energy Policy: Vulnerabilities and Challenges

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(1) Identify at least three major concerns regarding US energy policy. 

Providing the energy at an affordable price - The US major challenge is ensuring they keep the energy cost low. The problem has been profoundly contributed to the fact that they do not have direct control over the prices. Energy is imported, and several factors come into play when deciding prices. 

A secure supply of energy –America has a large population that relies on many industries in the country. It has to assure those industries of a safe and clean amount of energy. The US also needs to ensure and provide millions of automobiles with power that not only will it cause problems to those automobiles but a clean one. The word has in the recent years witnessed an increase in clean energy which will not contribute to the high level of carbon dioxide and other elements polluting the environment. 

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Protecting the environment –With global warming that has become rampant, US is looking for energy that will promote the campaign for a clean environment. Energy has been found to be an essential player in life sustainability in the US. It is also a fact that these energies have an impact on the environment which is also a vital player for life sustainability. The US is therefore tasked with providing power and at the same time not compromising the quality of the environment. There are risks in transporting this energy, for example, natural gas which poses a threat of massive explosion. 

b. What are our vulnerabilities and challenges? 

Energy is a significant contributor to pollution putting the US community vulnerable to the effects of global warming. Some effects of global warming include unusual climate conditions, floods and other natural calamities. The rising cost of energy is an another challenged to the community mainly due to, vary income, distance and different fuel needs affecting accessibility to energy. 


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