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US Security Strategies and Foreign Policy as it Relates to the UK

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The United States of America always strives to create new, deep and special relationship with other states. The foreign and security policy for some decades now has shaped the US-UK relationship. Irrespective of the political inclination of the two countries, relations have been close. Issues as well have risen notwithstanding the strong traditional bureaucratic associations between the two states. In the interactions between the two countries, engagements have continued to tackle matters to do with mutual interests and concerns. On the other hand, a number of challenges have occurred especially in the security dimension which have resulted in some tensions, though such tensions have in most cases been contained. This paper describes some of the key areas where the US has been responding to common threats plus has been utilizing its range of abilities to play important roles in securing and advancing values, foreign policy and security.

The US and UK have a common objective of a secure and safe globe. The US is committed to remain a partner and folk to the UK and its partners in the European union. This is not so merely because US and UK face almost the same threats, but due to the fact that the US has a broad, traditional belief in the values of freedom, democracy and peace as well as the rule of law in its borders and beyond (Romero, 2016) . Advancing the mutual values, dealing with common threats and upholding a solid and prosperous country will demand a wide and special collaboration, including on foreign policy, security strategies plus development partnership. 

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The US has closely worked with other states to deal with common threats and promote security. It has accomplished a considerable amount together with UK and other partners: making NATO, one of the most success defense force in the world and a critical security guarantor for the security of Europe; reacting to aggression of Russia in Ukraine; and addressing the main causes of instability and migration globally (Skidmore, 2011) .

The US has worked closely with the UK in countering violent extremism and terrorism. This has seen a reduced risk of terrorism to citizens of both countries as well as other partners. Across the world. This strategy involved collaboration so as to match strides with the emerging threat, even those via changes in technology. The US has collaborated with other partners in its efforts to underpin other states to empower their counter terrorists’ capabilities plus to device shared tactics to key issues such as fighting foreign terrorists (Romero, 2016) . The US contributes significantly to the efforts of Europe to deal with organized and serious crime. Such threats which are raised by organized groups of criminals pose threats to the collective security as well as causing expansive harm to the society. 

The US upholds a primacy strategy. It endeavors to maintain military preponderance via deficit-financed developments; encourages allies to empower its predominant power rank in critical areas like middle Persian Gulf, Eastern Europe and East Asia; and tries to reverse or hinder nuclear proliferation. According to Skidmore, (2011) a number of grand strategic selections are available to the US kind or minimizing its foreign military presence plus security commitment. Among such are sharing of power with other major countries, changing burdens to clients or allies, and offshore balancing. However, irrespective of rising pressure as well as incentives to revisit its strategy, the US remains opposed to doing so. 

Rapid response to crises and in an effective manner is critical to the security and posterity of the US. The US engages on responding to disaster, preparing and preventing disasters through civil protection mechanism that enables partner states to bring their resources together in addition to sharing technical expertise. The UK on the other hand has a renowned reputation globally in management of disaster (Romero, 2016) . Through its foreign policy, it contributes expert teams to a European union team of experts who could be deployed anywhere in the globe to respond to disaster. In addition, both the UK and the US have particular proficiency in dealing with complex evolving health issues like the ones which are caused by high-threat radiological, biological or chemical agents, plus concerns like infectious maladies and antimicrobial resistance (Farnham, 2004) . The US has an integrated healthcare system which is well developed making it a significant contributor to risk evaluation, identification of threat and mitigation. 

Foreign policies are structured by the head of state with the goal of creating complex agenda both domestic and international. This implies that the policy decisions formulated have a potential of influencing international politics (Skidmore, 2011) . Domestic politics play a significant part when making foreign policy decisions due to the fact that the expected threats or already dealt with are to do with issues of national security. Taking into account the US case, it was viewed that the event of 9/11 caused a change in perception of security threat and consequently foreign policy decision. The Afghanistan’s Taliban regime as well as Hussein Saddam in Iraq were targeted by President Bush as they were regarded direct link of the Al Qaeda attack. Bush, in October 2011 initiated, along with allies like the UK, Germany and France Operations Enduring Freedom to punish the persons liable for the attack of 9/11. However, only anticipatory and retaliatory action was undertaken by the head of state at that time. With the objective of securing the globe against terrorist attacks. With respect to recent acts of terror, such kind of foreign policy was embarrassed with no political opposition. This is one example which reveals the way foreign policy decisions can impact or be affected by domestic as well as international politics (Romero, 2016)

The US is a country which is mention virtually every time and everywhere when international society and foreign policy is being talked of. The US holds enormous military, political and economic influence globally (Farnham, 2004) . The government is controlled by a system of items/ elements defined by the constitution of the US. No foreign policy decisions that can be made by the head of the government minus at least two thirds senate support. In addition, the head of government is permitted to get into treaties with foreign countries via executive agreement minus the approval of the senate, however, such treaties are seldom longstanding. 

The foreign policies of the US are to a greater extent affected by the political environment, implications on economy and also the standing of the president in polls with regard to policies take by him or her (Romero, 2016) . This implies that such foreign policies with have a direct political bearing on international politics. In case a military decision is not underpinned by majority of the lawmakers it will be declined or at best modified.

In conclusion, foreign policy decisions are made in complex domestic and international fronts. Domestic politics influence foreign policy decision making, implying that if a policy is disputed at home, its chances of succeeding in the international front are rare. Finally, the US and UK face a spectrum of threats which are increasing in pace, complexity and scale. As such, the bilateral relationship should be strengthened. This can be achieved by maintaining solid alliances with partners in the European union and beyond.


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