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Canadian Internationalism and Global Problems

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Since World War II, internationalism became an integral part of Canadian foreign policy (Munton & Keating, 2001). This issue has raised a heated debate among governments and some members of the public who tend to doubt the viability of this method in addressing global issues. Noel et al., (2003), notes that most Canadians support the ideology of multilateralism and the global consciousness that are installed by the Canadian international law. Those who oppose this methodology perceive that internationalism will make developing countries be over-dependent on foreign assistance and therefore they would not be innovative (Noel et al., 2003).

Nevertheless, through its commitment to multilateralism, Canada has been so instrumental in helping both developing and developed nations in solving some of their global plights relating to peace and security (Dorn, 2002). In Afghanistan for instance, a terrorist group termed Al-Qaeda proved to be a menace globally. However, Canadian troops were deployed to restore peace and order in the region (Blanchfield, 2014). The success story of Canadian internationalism was also evident when the country worked cordially with other humanitarian groups such as the African Union- United Nations Hybrid to maintain peace in Darfur in 2009. Such actions have elevated the country to the extents of it being deemed as a world power. In addition, Canada has been fighting hard to overcome humanitarian acts in countries like Congo where rape was being used as a weapon of war as well as forced marriages (Blanchfield, 2014).

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Notably, the culture of generosity exhibited by the country has enabled it to be on the forefront when it comes to offering foreign aid to most developing nations worldwide. For example, in 1957 Canada donated 0.53% of its GNP to accord foreign assistance to international communities (Noel et al., 2003). In 2015, Ukraine received a total of CAD$ 510 million from Canada. Other countries that benefited from such foreign assistance during that year were Ethiopia, Tanzania, Mali, and Afghanistan. Foreign aid is of great importance to developing nations since it provides them with a chance to exploit the resources at their disposal to come up with goods and services that could be a channel to open up international trade (Abugre, 2010). 

In conclusion, the merits that Canada is offering to the world in its quest to address global crisis overrides the demerits, therefore, there is the need for the country to pursue its strategy of internationalism. In addition, through globalization which has yielded tremendous technological advancements, such nations would be in a position to compete equivocally with other developed nations. 


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