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Using Today's Technology

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The modern world is characterized by the rapid emergence and advancement of various types of technologies. Technologies such as the internet, computers, and smartphones have revolutionized the world, including workplaces and industries. Research and technological tools are necessary for the education sector because they improve the quality of learning while at the same they assist in meeting the specific needs of students. The three main technological tools that I have used throughout my academic career and current profession are Prezi, Plicker, and Class Dojo.

First, Prezi is presentation software that incorporates motion, zooming, and spatial relationships and it allows the organization of ideas and information during the presentation process. Presentations are common in all fields and Prezi is now used as the best alternative to PowerPoint that has been used for long (Herb, 2012). One of the main benefits of Prezi is that it gives the users an opportunity to create presentations that are not only creative but also exciting, especially when compared to PowerPoint. Prezi is also attractive to the audience because it makes watching presentation interesting. The key leveraging capability of Prezi is that it enables the user to add and manipulate the content of presentation anywhere on the slide because it is not restricted to linear or side-by-side display. At the same time, Prezi can link text and images to movement, leading to quality and effective presentation.

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The primary legal issue is that of intellectual property (IP), as Prezi Company owns all rights to the information that is stored in Prezi presentation software. At the same time, all the services created through the software are held by the company. Besides, based on the copyright laws, the information available in Prezi is the property of Prezi Company. As a result, Prezi has the legal obligation to provide adequate security to the data and information stored in the software (Lucey & Grant, 2009). Besides, the ethical issue associated with Prezi is it can be used to transit defamatory or abusive information to the third party. Also, the use of Prezi can sometimes lead to motion sickness or dizziness.

Secondly, Plickers is mainly a technological tool that is designed for teachers to help them in assessing students’ understanding of various concepts (Krause, O'Neil & Dauenhauer, 2017). It is also used to enhance the engagement of students in the classroom. The primary benefit of this technological tool is that it enables real-time interaction between teachers and students, leading to an accurate picture of how students are following various concepts being taught in the classroom. The leverage capability of this technological tool is based on its ability to allow students to engage in learning without the feeling of self-conscious because learners anonymously participate in various discussions (Krause, O'Neil & Dauenhauer, 2017). Besides, it helps in saving time because it is convenient and simple to set and use. 

One of the critical legal issues that are associated with Plickers is the infringement on the privacy of users (Lucey & Grant, 2009). Plicker Company can share or disclose personal information with third-party service providers, mainly to provide the services. Consequently, it is possible for the third-party service provider to misuse personal data. On the other hand, the major ethical issue linked to Plickers is the possible inequality in the classroom. Students who lose their Plickers are not able to equally participate in the classroom activities, resulting in unequal learning. 

Thirdly, Class Dojo (CD) is a technological tool that is aimed at connecting teachers and students, including parents to form a fantastic classroom community. It is a free application that can be installed on smartphones or tablets. The main benefit of using this technological tool is to give students opportunities to voice their concerns, share moments with teachers and parents, and to develop a positive culture in the classroom (MacLean-Blevins, 2013). The leveraging capability of CD is its ability to assist teachers in reinforcing positive behavior in the classroom and among individual students. It is one of the best technological tools that can be used in the learning setting. 

However, violation of privacy of students is the main legal issue that is associated with the use of CD in the classroom. CD acts as a community and students can easily access the information about their peers that may be deemed private and confidential. Violating privacy of students is a legal issue that can lead to litigations (Lucey & Grant, 2009). At the same time, the CD is associated with unfair warding of students, especially when parents are involved in the discussions, which raises ethical concerns. The positive reward system through CD may not be based on merit.

Therefore, Prezi, Plickers, and CD are some of the technological tools that will revolutionize educational sector in the future. They will be used to significantly reduce the use of physical or traditional classroom set up by introducing an online interaction between teachers and students, including parents. However, there is need to improve the privacy of the three technological tools to avoid their misuse (Lucey & Grant, 2009). To prevent abuse, users should be allowed to log in or authenticate their identity before they are allowed to operate the technological tools. At the same time vendors of the three technological tools should enhance the privacy standards to protect clients' information and data.

In conclusion, there is a number of technological tools that can be used to improve the quality of learning while at the same time meeting specific needs of learners. Prezi, Plickers, and CD are some of the technological tools that are effectively used in the learning environment. They are used by both teachers and students, including other stakeholders like parents. Nonetheless, there is need to improve data security of the technological tools. 


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