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Various Types of Loads Influencing Firefighting Strategy

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In the case of an emergency where fire occurs, different types of loads affect the firefighters during the process of extinguishing the fire. These involve impact loads, which include the walls concrete, and all materials, which are under the influence of compression. Fire loads include materials, which are volatile to fire such as wood, and roofs meanwhile suspended loads are elements hanging that would cause tension in the building. 

Impact loads can easily be resisted by the structure hence the structure been at a high risk of collapsing. Fire causes frequent undersigned changes that cause the structure to collapse. The weight of any firefighter jumping on the roof of the building it is enough to cause the structure to collapse hence forcing the firefighters to stay outside of the building to extinguish the fire. Similarly, the rescue of people in such a situation becomes difficult leading to huge loss of lives. In suspended loads, ceiling and wood act as the fuel for energizing the fire ( Corbett & Brannigan 2013) .Similarly, this ceiling produces a lot of smoke that causes suffocation to the victim, and they collapse when they become weak. In fire load, the fire resistance rating of the structure determines the amount of fire which will affect the building. A structure with high fire load, fire suppression effort will be inadequate (Frassetto, 2012) . Fires load produces high heat rates, which accelerate the amount of fire making it difficult for a firefighter to enter the interior of the building. 

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In most cases, the most reliable place of fighting the fire becomes the roofs and ventilations. Also, the most crucial firefighting aspect is communication. If the ladder company is unable to operate on the ceiling due to effects of collapsing and improper ventilation, then it's good for the commander to seek help from other fairgrounds (Frassetto, 2012) . This backup makes it easy to extinguish the fire and maintaining safety to the firefighters. 


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