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Why People Become Homeless: The Top 10 Reasons

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There are a number of reasons why people become homeless. One of the major reasons why people become victims of not having a home is the limited scale of housing assistance programs (National coalition for the homeless, 2014). Lack of these programs has contributed to the housing crisis which has led to homelessness. Lack of housing that is affordable to a majority of the individuals is also a reason why some individuals find themselves homeless. 

Poverty is another factor that renders people homeless. People who are considered poor are not able to afford housing, healthcare, food, and education ((National coalition for the homeless, 2014). People faced with poverty are thus faced with hard choices due to the limited resources they have. Often, between these necessities, housing absorbs the largest share of the income and is often dropped. There are factors that account for the increased poverty. 

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Lack of employment opportunities is factors that have played greatly on the increased poverty levels (Hollywood homeless youth partnership, 2009). In the current economy, it has become difficult in securing jobs and though there are a few people who secure employments, this does not guarantee an escape from poverty. 

Another factor that plays a great role in the increased poverty is the decline in the availability of public assistance (Hollywood homeless youth partnership, 2009). Decline of public assistance has been considered as a factor that has contributed greatly to the homeless cases in the streets with most of the families struggling to get food and medical care because of loss of the benefits, unstable employment and low wages. 

To counter the issue of homelessness, the first step would be to identify the population that is most affected by the issue. In this case, the youths are most affected. For instance, youth engagement in the society should be increased (Hollywood homeless youth partnership, 2009). The youths should be engaged in services that are designed to promote their stability, improve their living conditions and quality of life. Organizational effectiveness should also be enhanced. This includes prioritizing the support of the ongoing youth successes as well as strengthening the effectiveness of youth serving agencies (Hollywood homeless youth partnership, 2009). 


Hollywood homeless youth partnership (2009). 10 reasons for integrating trauma-informed approaches in programs for runaway and homeless youth. Retrieved from: http://www.hhyp.org/downloads/HHYP_10Reasons_Flyer.pdf 

National coalition for the homeless (2014). Homeless in America. Retrieved from: http://nationalhomeless.org/about-homelessness/ 

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