Complete Guide to Writing a Homelessness Essay With Examples

Writing an essay on homelessness is a worthy goal. You can explore the causes for this issue, as well as provide possible solutions for them. StudyBounty offers you a huge variety of essays about homelessness! They are completely free of charge and don’t require you to register a new account. Check them out and get that inspiration boost for your own paper!

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17 Sep 2023

Homeless people in Corpus Christi

America has for decades experienced homelessness problem. Homelessness is not a new phenomenon in the major United States cities like Texas where there are very high population. Homelessness is common amongst the...

Words: 822

Pages: 3

Views: 68

Poverty and Child Homelessness

The state of homelessness in society is still evident up to date. At a glance of the cities, parks and streets, there are high chances of witnessing a homeless individual fighting to survive 2 . The issue of...

Words: 649

Pages: 2

Views: 82

17 Sep 2023

Homelessness in the US

The Week. (2018). America’s homelessness crisis. Retrieved from According to The Week (2018), during the year 2017, around 554, 000 people in America were homeless in any particular night. The article also reported...

Words: 278

Pages: 1

Views: 383

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17 Sep 2023

How to Help the Homeless: 10 Ways to Make a Difference

If money cannot buy happiness, those who have it would not bother to have a home. More than half a million homeless persons are spread across various cities in the United States (U.S.) every night. At least 35% of...

Words: 603

Pages: 1

Views: 114

16 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

How Police Departments Are Dealing With Homelessness

Homelessness is increasingly becoming a problem both in developing and developed countries alike. Presently, the number of homeless people in the United States exceeds 550,000. Out of this population, 35% are...

Words: 540

Pages: 2

Views: 116

Los Angeles' Homelessness Crisis

The United States’ legislature and judicial system are burdened with the task to alleviate the homelessness problem. Sam Levin, a contributor to The Guardian, in his article, “‘Full-scale emergency’: musician burned...

Words: 311

Pages: 1

Views: 147

Community Assessment-Healthcare for the Homeless

Community Assessment-Healthcare for the Homeless The community under focus in this paper is that of Baltimore, Maryland 21202. It is the most populous in Maryland representing eleven percent of the population of...

Words: 1155

Pages: 4

Views: 377

The Ending Homelessness Act of 2017

Homelessness in America has reached crisis proportions with rough estimates indicating that over 500,000 million people lack a place to call home. The most worrying thing about the figure is that the number keeps...

Words: 1962

Pages: 7

Views: 173

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Homelessness in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

The port city, Hamilton, is based in Canada's Ontario province, which according to the metropolitan area census, has 536,917 inhabitants. The region is located 58 kilometer on the Southern side of Toronto and was...

Words: 727

Pages: 3

Views: 111

16 Sep 2023

Solutions to The Social Problem of Homelessness

Social problems are issues present in society that affect a group who believe that the condition is unfavorable and undesirable. The social problem chosen for this analysis is that of homelessness. There are...

Words: 621

Pages: 2

Views: 88



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What Is a Homelessness Essay

Though essays about homelessness are quite common, writing them can prove difficult. In order to come up with a compelling paper topic, explore all possible causes of this problem. There are many reasons people end up homeless. It depends on different factors such as the high cost of housing or mental illness, as well as physical limitations. 

The first thing you must think about when you start a paper on this topic is its length. This type of paper typically spans from 150 to 500 words. It is usually given to students who are in middle and high school. These papers may vary in length but are expected to be long enough. So, they could meet the goal of a school assignment. In order to give your reader an idea of what you want to convey, provide a definition of this problem. It is expected that you finish your paper in the span of one or two weeks.

Free Homelessness Essay Examples

When you’re looking for free paper samples, a homelessness essay pdf format can be a perfect choice. You can easily download and use them as references both online and offline. Moreover, you shouldn’t pay to check them out or register a new account! Our templates will help you formulate your ideas and build your argument.

Students usually use paper samples to receive an inspiration boost or research a topic to write about. When you’re writing essays on homelessness, try addressing its causes and how you think society should respond to it. Many homeless people can not find jobs. Without a stable job and enough financial resources, they can't pay the bills. They aren't able to afford shelter. Many times, they are trapped for the night sleeping on the streets. 

If you are looking for different paper samples, you will find them below.

Argumentative Essay on Homelessness

It is challenging to write a homelessness argumentative essay. The initial step is identifying the problem. The majority of such cases are caused by a lack of affordable housing, poor healthcare, or relationships that have broken to pieces. Most often young people are homeless as a result of the lack of housing or healthcare. Other reasons include relationships breaking down, physical violence, social exclusion, and forced eviction. 

A well-written argumentative essay about homelessness will always be a topical thing. As its name suggests, you should have many solid arguments to properly back up your point of view. For example, you can discuss whether someone deserves to be homeless by providing your points one by one. Refute them, present your evidence and wrap it all up. And if you don’t know how to do it properly, you can always refer to our good argumentative essay examples.

Persuasive Essays on Homelessness

The social factor that leads to the need for shelter is the subject of homelessness persuasive essay. The principal topic of a persuasive essay about this theme is that people do not have any responsibility for their situation. It is usually a result of personal belief or some other factor. It is essential to highlight the social aspect of houseless as a problem, not a personal decision. While individual cases are useful for illustrating a point. It is important to be focused on a more holistic approach to this problem when writing your essay.

Wonder how to start a persuasive essay? The first thing to do before writing your persuasive essay is to choose your position. Pick a side you wish to advocate. Do you support homeless people due to their circumstances? Or do they repulse you because they can’t or won’t do anything about their situation? Once you pick your side, stick to it throughout your whole paper. You can check out any persuasive sample of homelessness essay that we have to see how you can do it.

Proposal Essay on Homelessness

A homelessness proposal essay might be an appropriate subject for a social-issue study. This issue is difficult to solve because the number of homeless individuals is continuously rising across the world. Many countries have dedicated programs to aid the homeless but it doesn't work as well as they want them to. There are not enough resources to assist every homeless person. The problems of being homeless are not a new phenomenon.

In your proposal essay, you can take a more personal approach. Since in this type of paper you must convince your audience that you are the perfect candidate for carrying out your proposal. Think about a topic that you can actually complete yourself. We have many proposal essay examples, so you can browse through them. Pick a title you like most.

Informative Essay on Homelessness

Before you write an informative essay about homelessness, you must understand why this issue is caused. It is essential to conduct research about homeless people, and then hold interviews. It is recommended to use statistics and scholarly articles for supporting their claims. Writing about a person who lives on the street, be sure to use an objective tone. Do not appeal to the readers' feelings. If you're biased in your view, it could hurt the authenticity of your piece.

When you write your homelessness informative essay, remember to back up your topic with sentences. These sentences should contain supporting details. Here, you should use all the evidence you gathered beforehand. Stay objective and make your paper exactly as it was intended to be: an informative piece. If you have problems with it, check out our informative essay examples and see how it should look. 

Homelessness Essay Outline

An outline of homelessness essay will help you complete your writing assignments for academic purposes. It can be used to help organize your writing. Usually, it should consist of:

  • Introduction

It should be challenging, captivating, brief, and concise. Your thesis should sum up your key points. 

  • Body paragraph

A minimum of three to five paragraphs usually comprise the primary part of your essay. Here, your thesis must be supported with arguments and facts. 

  • Conclusion

Sum up your views and restate your thesis statement.

If you need a more concise sample, find it below.

Example of homelessness essay outline


  • Hook
  • Introduction interpretation
  • Thesis statement

Body paragraph #1

  • Topic sentence (claim)
  • Evidence
  • Interpretation of evidence

Body paragraph #2

  • Topic sentence (claim)
  • Evidence
  • Interpretation of evidence


  • Topic sentence (restate your thesis)
  • Wrapping up the main points 
  • Closing sentence

Homelessness Essay Introduction

For writing an introduction to homelessness paper, find the distinction between success and failure. Make your starting part engaging and difficult. Write your intro using a catchy hook. A thesis statement should convey your main point.

Remember that an effective introduction for this kind of sociology essay should include a description of the issue and an appeal for action. A sample of such an essay will be a great help for your own paper. There is an enormous collection of essays that sample any topic. It's simple to locate something that will match your paper's topic.

Check out our proposed sample for a better understanding below.

Introduction for homelessness essay example

A person is considered homeless if he or she lacks an adequate, regular, and fixed nighttime residence. According to statistics, 96% of veterans that are homeless are male from disadvantaged and poor communities. Homeless veterans have served in the Korean War, Vietnam War, World War II, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, the military's anti-drug cultivation efforts in South Africa among others. The veteran status among the American people is 8% of the overall population. Moreover, the veterans make up 17% of the homeless persons. Veterans sleeping on the streets of the United States were estimated to be 76,000, a record confirmed by the Department of Veteran Affairs in 2010 (Gundlapalli et al. 832). Lack of support networks, dismal living conditions in substandard or overcrowded housing and poverty are the major factors that lead to more than 50% of the veterans to be homeless. Although the Department of Veterans Affairs caters for some of the veterans, it is impossible to cater for the ever-increasing number of more than 400,000 homeless veterans left unattended (Byrne et al. 252-275). Therefore, lowering the cost of housing or shelter among the veterans by the United States government will reduce the homelessness considerably.

Homelessness Thesis Statement

A good thesis statement for homelessness must always be relevant to your chosen topic. It should be interesting for both you and your reader to conduct further research. Make your thesis statement as informative as possible. An effective thesis is backed by evidence. This you should expand upon in your body paragraphs. Be sure a subject is pertinent to your topic and is not too generalized. Your thesis statement paper should be precise and to the point.

Sometimes writing a good thesis can be challenging. To ease your worries, you can resort to various samples on the Internet. They will provide all confidence you need and serve templates for your work. We can also suggest you try our thesis statement generator. Use it as much as possible!

Check out this thesis statement example for homelessness paper we prepared for you:

Increasing rates of divorce, drug abuse, and lack of affordable housing are the reasons homelessness persists in the United States.

Homelessness Essay Body Paragraph

The body of your essay usually consists of three paragraphs. Each homelessness paragraph must include information, facts, and argument. Here, you should focus on how the main issue affects society. Today, there are more than two million homeless Americans in America. Over 40% of them are families with children. The majority of these deprived of homes people are addicts to drugs. However, there are veterans on the streets too. Your paper must address this issue and provide suggestions for stopping it.

In such kind of work, students can consider how dispossessed people affect society in their essays. Discuss ways societal policies can help. Explain how many people want to eradicate this problem and that many of the best solutions are either free or cheap. While it's impossible to alter the course of the world, it is feasible to discuss it. It is always possible to discuss the impact of this topic on your neighborhood. As an example, you can consider how a particular policy could change the way a city deals with dispossessed people.

Here we prepared a good sample for our students. See how a body paragraph should look in an essay.

Example of homelessness essay body paragraph

Reduced cost of housing or shelter will enable the veterans to access the low-cost services that are necessary for their survival. A veteran is faced with several issues such as mental and physical disabilities, cultural or geographical isolation, chemical or medical dependency, children, as well as elderly parent needs. The veterans come from the war and begin to live in the 'normal world' that is away from the war. They are faced with a lot of needs regarding services that are both personal and family related. Therefore, there is a need to ensure that they pay their bills in time to fund their existence (Byrne, Montgomery and Dichter 572-596). Some veterans suffer mental and physical disabilities that require constant medical and therapy attention that costs huge amounts of money. 

Homelessness Essay Conclusion

The homeless essay conclusion should reiterate the main argument. Describe what it can do for readers. Here, you should restate your central idea, and include a final sentence. Unlike an introduction, your conclusion should not contain any new details. This way, such an essay will be more engaging and memorable. Focus on wrapping everything up and making your summary convincing and pertinent.

Check out the following example we prepared for you.

Conclusion paragraph homelessness essay example

In conclusion, veterans are the American people's brothers and sisters who have fought and survived the wars. These people sacrifice their lives for the greater good of the American people. They have been involved in dangerous, risky, traumatic, and other difficult situations to defend the American flag. The government initiative to lower the cost of shelter through public initiative programs will ensure that homelessness among the veterans drastically reduces. The act enables them to supplement other basic needs. In addition, it is the responsibility of the government to take care of its soldiers. When the rest of the veterans stream in from Iraq and Afghanistan, in case the low housing cost is implemented, they will find it easy to fit into the society. Although there are some demerits of lowering the cost of shelter among the veterans, it is essential to note that these people cannot be treated as 'normal people.' The veterans are the American heroes and homelessness for them is directly spitting on their faces. Therefore, the United States' government should and must lower the cost of shelter among the homeless veterans.

Good Titles for Homelessness Essays

There are many options to choose from when you’re choosing your title for homelessness essay. It is possible to explore financial issues that are associated with this topic as well as the effects of its prevalence. Also, you can discuss homeless persons' experiences and their strategies for solving this issue. The topic will show your imagination and insight. Regardless of your approach, choosing a suitable name for an essay will make your paper shine. Check out our homelessness essay titles listed below and choose something you are really interested in.

  1. Importance of the houseless issue.
  2. Homeless camps and the law.
  3. The unemployed and homeless immigrants of America. (Look at an essay about immigration.)
  4. People on the streets are a growing problem in Canada.
  5. Social problem of homelessness nowadays.
  6. Struggles of homeless women on the streets and the abortion issue. (Consult: essay on abortion.)
  7. Substance abuse and homelessness.
  8. Reducing homelessness in the United States.
  9. The trauma of homelessness.
  10. Mental disorders among homeless veterans.

FAQ About Homeless Essay

1. What are the causes of homeless essay?

When you are writing a causes of homelessness essay, you should remember that it is quite self-explanatory. Here you must discuss how homelessness became a problem in your country or state, and what are steps society can take to combat it.

2. How to end a homelessness essay?

Every college essay on homelessness has its ending. The best way to approach it is to restate your thesis statement, but not copy and paste it. Then, you should summarize your key points. Remember not to introduce any new information. Lastly, you should make your conclusion memorable by wrapping everything up with a closing sentence.

3. What is the best essay topics on homelessness?

If you’re searching for homelessness essay topics, you can check out previous paragraphs of this article. It has 10 great titles for your paper. But if you want something extra, here are another 3 topics:

  1. Homelessness and poverty within our society.
  2. Should you give money to homeless people?
  3. Homelessness is more than missing a house.
4. Can I submit one of your homelessness paper?

No, you should not submit any of our papers on homelessness. Since they are already posted on the Internet, reusing them will be considered plagiarism. A paper with a high plagiarism score won’t be accepted by your professors.


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