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Why Policy Analysis Is Important (And How to Do It Right)

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Policy analysis is of importance as it helps a client to have informed advice that has some relationship to a public policy decision. For instance, it includes a course of action that has been recommended and is therefore fronted by the client’s values and powers. Therefore, it is important to walk through all the policy analysis detailed processes as it will enable: 

Client oriented advice 

The client can be referred to like a particular stakeholder that is in a request for policy analysis. Therefore, when conducting the review , you should make sure that it meets the client’s needs. Hence, a client hires you as a policy maker to do a policy analysis on the issue that he or she would have proposed. 

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Informed advice 

Knowledgeable opinion can be termed as the analysis that is well-rounded and thorough on the issue forwarded by the client. Therefore, this part should contain all the necessary facts and theories supporting the analysis. 

Public policy decision 

This is whereby the policy analysis employs mainly the public policy decisions. Therefore a policymaker should be keen when handling this part as the policy problem has been noted to be going beyond the individual’s ability and affecting the community as a whole. 

Giving options and recommendation 

Providing options and recommendation is a significant element in any policy analysis as it provides the stakeholder with several alternatives that he can use and this will lead him to settle to the best recommendation. 

Stakeholder ’s values and power 

This is the final step that is followed while conducting a political analysis. In this part, the analysis should be outlined by the stakeholder’s values and power (Teitelbaum, & Wilensky, 2013). Therefore this means that the recommendations and options given above must be within or in line with client’s power so as to be accomplished. 

When structuring a policy analysis, there are some steps that should be followed by a policy maker to ensure that it meets the client’s needs. However, if the processes are not followed, the policy analysis will not be successful as expected. Therefore, there is a five-step procedure that should be followed : 

Problem statement: This portion defines the problem being addressed in the policy analysis procedure. 

Background: This part provides more detailed facts that are essential for the stakeholder to understand the problem. 

Landscape: This section reviews various clients’ concerns. 

Options: This part analyzes and describes different options that are helpful in addressing the problem. 

Recommendation: It is the final step in policy analyzation that offers the best solution to be pursued by the client. 

Finally, in the policy analysis, it is noted that all the parts are crucial and none of them is much important than the other. This is because without the first step, you won’t be able to move to the second one which applies to the other remaining steps. For instance, the first step is problem statement. This part is whereby the policy maker will define the problem being addressed in the analysis. The second part is the background, which dictates that the policy maker should provide detailed information of factual information about the problem at hand. Therefore, when one does not understand the problem statement, he or she will not be able to answer the background part. Therefore, this then brings the point clear that all these elements are crucial and paramount when conducting a policy analysis process. 


Teitelbaum, J. B., & Wilensky, S. E. (2013). Essentials of health policy and law (2nd ed.). 

Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. 

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