2 May 2022


Working towards my American Dream

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When I think about my future, I can see myself thriving in a business setting. I want to pursue a higher education degree in accounting and business management to have a variety of skills and experiences, which will allow me to take on any projects that come my way. I am someone who enjoys the professionalism and high-powered nature of big business, which is why I'm considering a business degree as a stepping stone to a high-status career as a company's CEO someday. In today's world, corporate business careers are available in pretty much every sector you can think of; all industries need strong leaders, managers, financial advisors and market-savvy decision-makers. I know that I would receive an outstanding education in this field as a Blue Demon. I can see myself attending DePaul and expanding my studies throughout my undergraduate and graduate education.

According to the reports, the rate of unemployment in the country is its peak. Despite the government efforts to try and create job opportunity for the people, it is not likely to succeed since the number of students graduating every year exceeds the job market. In fact, it was established that the number is likely to increase shortly. As such, the government has encouraged more people to take business courses that would impact them with certain skills that would enable them to be innovative. In that light, I decided to take a business course that for the purpose of securing my future. With business knowledge, even if am not able to get any employment opportunity in the country, I can start my business and use that information that I have gained through college to ensure that it is successful. 

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Accounting and business management is one of the most technical courses in the country which is also considered to be very marketable. People who study such courses have a variety of option to choose since they can decide to work in any firm in the country or start up their own business. That is the main reason as for why I decided to choose that course as am sure it will ensure that I receive the American dream.

Since I was young, I have also fascinated how people conducted business as it looked very interesting. My father is a good business man, and I used to watch how he conducted his activities with the clients. Through such measures, I gained various skills of how I could become a good business person in the future. Many students in the country prefer other professional courses such as engineering, medicine, and law which have already flooded in the market. It would be difficult for such people to secure proper employment opportunities for those courses. 

There are various ways in which my education can contribute towards my American dream. Many people have the assumption that they can become better managers and leaders in the future without even attending college. This is a misconception that has affected such people as a leader needs to gain certain skills and knowledge through education. As such, with this course, I am certain that I would be able to develop the appropriate skills and enhance growth which would be beneficial my mission of working towards the American dream. 

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