Great American Dream Essay Examples + Tips for Writing

The American dream essays can look like an easy and too simple assignment from your professor. But be more critical. This topic has been popular for decades, and every year students research this sociological cliche. What does it mean? First, you need to be creative and conduct valuable research before writing. Second, you learn from other samples, and students work to find fresh ideas on complicated tasks. We offer you an American dream essay pdf for helping you with this task.

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16 Sep 2023

The Myth of the American Dream

Best, E. (2012). Debt and the American dream. Society , 49 (4), 349-352. The markets for American housing and American education have changed in the past few years. There is an increasingly huge endless...

Words: 609

Pages: 3

Views: 125

16 Sep 2023

The American Dream in the Great Gatsby

The American Dream is a social construct that establishes that all citizens can achieve their aspirations and live an ideal life. In as much as the American Dream appears to be realistic, not every citizen will live...

Words: 815

Pages: 3

Views: 443

16 Sep 2023

The significance of the song "Imagine" by John Lennon

The meaning of John Lennon's song "Imagine," is straightforward. Come to think how the world would be without religion, government and possession. The author imagines what would happen. An environment where there is...

Words: 268

Pages: 1

Views: 141

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16 Sep 2023

"The Color Purple": the American Dream is not available to all people

The American dream envisages a just and fair nation in which everyone has equal access to opportunities and is treated as one would treat themselves in real life. This dream gives a roadmap to becoming wealthy in...

Words: 909

Pages: 3

Views: 165

Working towards my American Dream

Working towards my American Dream When I think about my future, I can see myself thriving in a business setting. I want to pursue a higher education degree in accounting and business management to have a variety of...

Words: 493

Pages: 2

Views: 118

16 Sep 2023

The Jungle from a Sociological Perspective; “The American Dream”

Describing Sinclair’s vision of the American dream in The Jungle Sinclair’s vision of the American Dream in the Jungle is a clear depiction of the myriad hardships and struggles locals encounter in their...

Words: 1228

Pages: 5

Views: 299

16 Sep 2023

Social Mobility and the American Dream

Social mobility is an economic aspect that has existed in many societies for centuries. Every society is encompassed of social classes that define the allotment of wealth among individuals. There will be those who...

Words: 1590

Pages: 5

Views: 236

15 Sep 2023

Barack Obama's Agenda to Reclaim the American Dream

This text focuses on the analysis of the speech by Barack Obama on November 7, 2007, entitled “Agenda to Reclaim the American Dream .” Obama is a well-known orator who used his eloquence to propel himself to the...

Words: 885

Pages: 3

Views: 200

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15 Sep 2023

The 1920s: The American Dream

The 1920s: The American Dream “The American Dream” is a household phrase used as an emblem of hope and better governance. It has become a rhetoric workhorse, which carries the aspirations embraced by a majority of...

Words: 329

Pages: 1

Views: 142

The American Dream: What Does It Mean?

Considering the core values of American government, it is important to make mention of liberty, equality, and self-individualism. Significantly, the three abovementioned concepts should be referred to as constituting...

Words: 266

Pages: 1

Views: 170


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Academic level

What Is an American Dream Essay

Let's start our writing journey with a definition of American dream essay. This term was first mentioned by immigrants who imagined America as a free land with boundless opportunities for everyone. This paper reflects how this term was developed throughout history. 

This term became a cliche in a few years and was used for different purposes. Your paper should discuss this term and illustrate how well you understand it and how you can connect it with historical beliefs. Moreover, this term is quite popular nowadays. You have wealth of options for creating a suitable text!

High School American Dream Essay

Who can write “my American dream essay for free”? We have heard such questions a million times. In school, this topic is very frequently assigned to students. Primarily because of its importance. But also because it gives you a chance to reflect on your beliefs and the state you want to live in. 

In high school, writing assignments are usually not very big. This type of article can be 200 – 500 words. To be clear with your paper, research first. Do not use complicated construction. Be clear with your thoughts. Show an ability to do your additional research on this topic and provide a personal view on this discussible term. It is where our personal essay examples will come in handy.

Also, check the American dream essay pdf examples on our website.

American Dream College Essay

Essay on the American dream can be your assignments for sociology, politics, communication (essay about communication), or any other class. It is a popular topic, as it can be actual anytime. Look at this term from a perspective of nostalgia or as a modern trend of moving to Silicon Valley. What makes college papers more complicated is research evaluability. It will help if you ground your work on scientific research and reliable sources. 

Moreover, college papers used to be structured based on academic requirements. Are you working with an argumentative, persuasive, or rhetorical essay? 

For American dream essay ideas, you can check all the samples we have here. First, check out a rhetorical analysis essay example in our library.

My American Dream Essay Examples

Examples of the American dream essay are critical for good grades and quality writing. And we will prove why. Most ideas you will have in the first few minutes will be too general and too commonly used by other students. To be an outstanding student, you need to have original ideas and points of view. It is possible with considerable research or learning from samples. 

This topic also can be personal. Maybe after reading other articles, you will find how this belief relates to your family history or beliefs. What you will learn from samples are:

  • structure of a good essay
  • academic requirements
  • stylistic for each type of paper.

Start your research from the American dream essay examples we have for our users.

American Dream Argumentative Essay

For writing an argumentative essay about the American dream, you need to have a clear understanding of this type of paper. This is a sort of research writing. Define your position, point of view, or thesis statement first. And then, your goal is to provide actual arguments to present your statement from all possible perspectives. 

Let's pretend you are working with the American dream argumentative essay that focuses on the etymology of this term. You will provide historical facts, statistics, citations from other people, and research on etymology from various scientists. Your point is that it was first used in a different context than we use it today. 

An argumentative essay on the American dream can be complicated because it should be catching and theory grounded. That's why we recommend studying any example of argumentative essay first.

American Dream Definition Essay

If argumentative writings look too complicated, the American dream definition essay is childsplay! So, a definition essay goal is to explain a complicated term with a significant background. Usually, this term also has historical roots and presents in a simple language. It would be better if you went in-depth with history and its origin. We will show you how to make it in a few steps. 

How to make your paper better?

  • Create a clear mind map of future writing.
  • Use only reliable sources.
  • Be straightforward in writing.

Also, students can check definition essay examples on the American dream from our database. A definition essay is something you can do very quickly with understanding its principal. 

American Dream Essay Outline

The American dream essay outline is probably the most critical step in your assignment. This is your plan and your guide for future papers. Let's create an example of ​​an outline of American dream essay together.

Introduction: It should be catching facts, personal experience, emotional appeal, or surprising facts. 

  • How do you understand this term?
  • Are there any good citations about it?
  • Check statistics.

Thesis sentence: This is where you outline your position for the following discussion. For example, you want to argue that politicians created this term for manipulations. 


  • Who used this term first.
  • What political situation was at the time of this immigration period.
  • How it influenced immigration.
  • Why this term became criticized.


  • Summarize all facts from body paragraphs. Do not repeat, overview it briefly. 
  • Connect with introduction sentences. 
  • Underline your thesis to make readers think about their insights. 

Bonus: We have a top-notch conclusion generator for you! Make this paragraph perfect with us.

American Dream Essay Introduction

The American dream essay introduction should start with strong and catching sentences. It should make your readers learn your topic and understand if it is valuable for reading the whole text. This is a key to the competitive text. How to make your introduction enjoyable and grab readers’ attention from the first word?

  1. Use a hook phrase. It should be something unexpected. It can also be a dialogue with readers. Be creative.
  2. Interesting historical facts related to the topic. 
  3. Prominent citation. Some words that will make your reader think and continue reading.

The best introduction is often personal. Tell your story or your attitude to this term. When did you hear it first? 

Moreover, you can check a sample we got!

American dream introduction example

Immediately after gaining independence in 4th July 1776, the US founding fathers introduced the revolutionary idea that an individual's desire to achieve happiness was not self-indulgence, but a necessary force for prosperity. Consequently, the US first government was created to defend every citizen. At the same time, founding fathers extended rights to everyone, including slaves and women, as they were given the rights to vote. In addition, the fundamental rights of people were protected by the government, and all races in the country were safeguarded from any form of discrimination. Recently, President Obama extended the right of American to pursue happiness by allowing marriage regardless of sexual orientation. All these protections and freedoms are aimed at enabling US citizens to achieve the “American Dream”.  Therefore, the paper focuses on the meaning of the American dream, and whether it still exists.

American Dream Essay Thesis Statement

A thesis statement about the American dream essay should stand on your clear position. This is the most significant part of any paper that will influence your argumentation and a whole structure. 

Your statement illustrates your topic attitude or defines an interesting fact you will be discussing in a paper. The American dream essay thesis can point to the research's historical or political perspective. Look at the example we prepared for you to see what you can point out in your thesis statement.

Thesis statement on the American dream sample

The American dream is an element of nostalgia, but in fact, it never existed.

American Dream Essay Body Paragraph

You need to have 3 – 5 paragraphs of text for a body. Each American dream paragraph should have one clear thought or argument. Do not overwhelm your reader with unrelated information because you found it interesting. For this part of the paper, you will need to use citations. You can cite your sources in any style required by your assignments. Check it before you will start working with text. 

Be clear with the arguments you use to support your thesis. Also, use transition sentences to make your text readable. The structure of paragraphs will also depend on the academic writing style. Also, ensure that your text fits the length requirements. 

To learn how to write a good body, check a sample we have. 

Example of American dream essay paragraph

The term American dream can be traced back in 1931 when it was used by Truslow Adams in his book titled The Epic of America. Generally, the term refers to the idea that all American citizens should have equal opportunities to be successful and prosperous through initiatives, hard work, and determination. However, the term has different meanings to different people. A significant number of US citizens associate the term with wealth or becoming rich through hard work (Michels). At the same time, there are people who believe that the American Dream means living a simple and fulfilling life. Besides, some of the people associate the American dream to liberty, equality of all races, and equal access to opportunity. Therefore, there are different meanings of the American Dream.

American Dream Essay Conclusion

If you think that this paper is already done, you are wrong. It is also essential to get a firm conclusion for the American dream essay. What do you need to consider writing the last paragraph of your text?

First, do not recall everything from your body paragraphs. It would be better to summarize without pointing out a whole argumentation again. Also, this is not a place for new ideas. But you can outline some insights. Call to action or make your reader think about the topic and their fillings. The American dream essay conclusion can be controversial or include rhetorical questions. It is up to you. 

There is no universal way to conclude such a paper. Check a sample we prepared for you. 

Conclusion of the American dream example

I think that Americans are still working harder to realize American Dream. Despite challenges facing the country and its people, American Dream is still alive. However, it is yet to be fully realized because of the economic, social, political, and demographic changes that the country has been experiencing since its independence.

American Dream Essay Topics Examples for You

Finding a perspective American dream topics for an essay is not an easy-peasy task. The best cases and titles will always be related to your personal experience. American dream argumentative essay topics are probably the most often searched by students. We research the most interesting topics for our users!

Examples of essay topics on the American dream:

  1. How is it to be American?
  2. Silicon Valley as a new American dream.
  3. How to build an ideal country.
  4. America we have – why am I proud to live there?
  5. Power of people in making a better life.
  6. To be a good citizen – how to create a life you want to have.
  7. The role of nostalgia in building a better country now.
  8. What are our important beliefs and values?
  9. Is the American dream possible in the 21 century?
  10. Do we need a new dream for 21 century?
  11. Education as a soft weapon to build a better world.
  12. The history of first immigrants who came to the US for their beliefs.

We also advise our users to read more essays such as American Revolution essay, American identity essay, and Declaration of Independence essay to prepare to start writing their work.


FAQ About Essays on American Dream

1. Are your American dream essay examples free?

On our website, you can find various free essays on the American dream topics. You don't need to pay or register for getting any example you need. We hope that these texts will help you write your paper and get excellent grades for your class.

2. How to start an essay about the American dream?

Starting the essay of American dream, you need to research. You can think that this topic is so popular and general, that you can write about it without preparation. But we suppose you might be wrong. This is the first and significant step to a good paper. Read other documents on this topic first.

3. What are the good titles for American dream essay?

The best American dream essay titles are a mirror for your thesis statement and analysis perspective. It should not be too general, and better to add some details. Also, you can make it controversial or disputable. It will make your reader choose your paper. Look at the other pieces and titles we have in our database.

4. What should I write about the American dream?

Be creative! Your papers on the American dream can have millions of perspectives. You can write about your understanding of the term and the approach to imaginative America people used to have in their minds. It can be researched on term history, modern social, political, or economic studies related to this term.


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