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X-Men: The Last Stand Film Analysis

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Motivation is the willingness to put the effort to achieve one goal; goals are important and to achieve the goals people need to self-regulate themselves. The approach motivation drives many people; seeing opportunities everywhere motivates people to face reality and achieve their purposes. Seeing a threat also drives people to work harder and ensure that what threatens them is prevented and does not occur. Emotions are any conscious experience triggered by mental activity and a high degree of pleasure or displeasure. Emotions mostly are intertwined with mood, disposition, personality, temperament, and motivation. Emotions primarily affect our behavior and trigger what we do daily. 

Motivation and emotions are interrelated for example success, or failure which is an approach to motivation conditions leads to a spectrum of emotions ranging from elation, engagement, excitement or frustration, anger, and sadness. How motivated one is leads to both negative or positive emotion and this affects how people do their things. For instance, in a case where there is discrimination one is motivated to work hard on ensuring that an end to discrimination is guaranteed and this is triggered by the negative emotions that are the bad feeling that they feel of the situation making them motivated to work hard and ensure equality is assured. 

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The X-Men are a fictional team of superheroes which appease in the American Comic Books published by Marvel Comics, created by the writer known as Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby (Housel, 2009). The characters first appeared in the X-Men #1 on September 1963 and are among the most recognizable and thriving intellectual properties of Marvel Comics and appear in several books, television shows, films, and video games. The X-Men are mutants which are a super species of human being born with superhuman abilities. Superhuman abilities are qualities perceived by the specified individual or a group that exceeds the qualities found in ordinary people. In the video, the X-Men fight for peace and equality between normal humans and mutants. Charles Xavier referred to as Professor X who is a dominant mutant able to control and read minds leads the group. 

Magneto a powerful mutant who can generate and control magnetic fields happens to be the greatest enemy to the X-Men. Professor X and Magneto differ on views and philosophies regarding the relationship between mutants and humans. Professor X works toward promoting peace and understanding between both the humans and the mutants whereas Magneto sees humans as a threat and believes in taking an aggressive approach to the ordinary people despite working with X-Men from time to time who works toward peace and understanding among the humans and the mutants. The X-Men happens to be feared by those who cannot accept their differences (Betancourt & Lopez, 1993); Professor X tries to bridge the gap by working on bringing in peace and understanding between the superhuman and the humans. The X-Men films strive to show the conflicts that exist between the humankind and try to unite the people to appreciate and respect their fellows especially with the increased cased of hatred and prejudice in the world. The film motivates people to live in peace and understanding despite their differences; despite people being driven to live peacefully some are still emotionally attached and are ready to avenge especially the discriminated ones. 

The conflict between ordinary human beings and the mutants compares to the real world conflicts experienced by the minority groups, for example, the Muslims, Transgender communities, and the Atheists; being small groups many people despise them and do not respect them for who they are (Moore, 2008). The film also tries to portray how people's emotions can affect their way of life and free value for humanity. For instance, when a person is traumatized by an unusual event such as genocide the person may lose value regarding human since watching people or your family being slaughtered mercilessly may affect someone's emotions, and the person may end up working for revenge. The film tries to motivate people perception of superhuman and encourages people to appreciate others as they are without hatred, or discriminating them. 

The movie interrelates with the motivation and emotion topic and at the same time differs this is because in the film we see professor X is motivated by the negative treatment of the Superheroes to work harder to ensure that there are equality and no more discrimination or hatred for the super humans. Despite feeling sad about the situation he acts positively as all he wants is peace and understanding and not fight and hate. On the other hand, Magneto is after revenge instead of fighting for the right thing his emotions are negatively motivated, and he wants to make sure that those who have caused them pain and discomfort dearly pay for their actions. 

What the movie portrays and the teaching on emotions and motivations is what happens in our daily lives. For instance some people are driven by their emotions to achieve their goals; for example, when one race feels neglected or mistreated by another they may work positively due to the angriness to ensure that there is equality and peace and understanding is assured in their among the two. In the other hand due to the discrimination people may act negatively due to the negative emotions and work hard to make sure that their avenge their enemies which is not right and this has caused lots of fights in the world because instead of people promoting peace just like professor X they are after revenge like Magneto. 

The movie tries to show what is killing the nations and what is denying people peace and understanding as instead of people working to promote peace and understanding which is the only solution to the problems people face today they work harder to avenge. Revenge does not solve problems but instead, makes them worse and that why there are conflicts everywhere and no solutions as people are motivated due to angriness to revenge instead of promoting peace. The few who are after promoting peace are facing the challenge from those who are after revenge as despite working hard to bring peace there are those few who are not willing to cooperate and think that fighting over each other is the only solution. People should stop avenging, and despite what happened they should work hard to promote oneness amongst themselves as revenge causes more harm than help. People should swallow their pride and accept each other the way they are as this is the only way peace will be promoted. 

Superheroes are humans created by God and the same way people regard to an ordinary person they should also accept and respect the super heroes despite them being extraordinary. People fight and hate others for example if they do not belong to the same gender, race, ethnicity, or religious; this is what the X-Men film tries to convey just because we are different we end up not appreciating one another, and we live in fear. People should consider the emotions of others; how others will feel when they do something unpleasant; will the event affect them psychologically and lead them to do things they are not supposed to do? Humans should care about their fellows, whether superheroes, from a different religion or ethnic groups or of a different race as this will bring on peace and understandings among human beings rather than hatred. 


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