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Addressing Obesity in Ageing Patients

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Overview of the project

The project was conducted to investigate the prevalence and impact of obesity on the older population within the society. Obesity, measured through BMI, in an investigation to determine the balance between height and weight, impacts both morbidity and mortality in older individuals impacting their quality of life ( Jura & Kozak, 2016) . The two thresholds of obesity, severe and normal obesity, were measured by their range. Results equal to or greater than 40 were considered severe obesity, while individuals with equal or greater than 30 were considered normal obese patients. Therefore, the project was important in monitoring the prevalence of obesity, which would then be relevant for public health programs that focus on preventing and reducing the condition and its consequences.

Target Audience Segment

The target population in the project was the aging population of the society. These populations could be categorized into aging adults between the 40 and 59 years range and the older adults who are over 60 years ( Fryar et al., 2018). Due to increased life expectancy in the United States, older adults are always susceptible to chronic illnesses associated with obesity. These populations are the most vulnerable and should have special care.

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To raise awareness among the community of the impact of obesity among aging patients and educate them on preventing and mitigating its impact on the older population and the whole community. 


Regarding health system reforms: the current health system does not provide the flexibility needed to improve the capacity of the system to deliver obesity care.

Regarding implementation supports : many health practitioners lack the knowledge and the confidence required to assess and support older obese patients. Additionally, there are few schools globally that provide assessment and training programs to manage obesity.

Regarding prevention: the health system's strategies to prevent obesity depend on policies to restructure obesogenic environments structured elsewhere, impacting health practitioners' prevention efforts. 

Key Promises

I will exercise regularly, on average 150 to 300 minutes a day, to prevent weight gain. I will also follow a healthy diet, with a key focus on meals rich in nutrients and have low calories, such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Additionally, I will monitor my weight regularly to measure the efforts I will be putting in both my exercises and healthy eating plans. 

Support Statements/Reasons

The fundamental cause of obesity is the imbalance of energy between calories burnt and calories consumed. 

Increased intake of calories and food high in both fat and sugar causes obesity

Physical inactivity also increases the chances of an individual having obesity

Over 1.7 billion adults were overweight, and of these, over 600 million were obese

Globally, from 1976 to 2017, the prevalence of obesity tripled ( Batsis & Zagaria, 2018)


This project was geared towards the older population within the society and addressed their health complications. The tone conveyed throughout the campaign was a sense of good health that focused on the health of the patients through exercise and healthy diets

Distribution Opportunities

Social media, television, radio, and print media

Creative Considerations

During the program's development, the designers should be aware of the prevalence of the condition in the elderly population. Even though social media would be the main channel used, a known spokesperson might motivate participants into the project's activities. 


Batsis, J. A., & Zagaria, A. B. (2018). Addressing obesity in aging patients.  Medical Clinics 102 (1), 65-85.

Fryar, C. D., Carroll, M. D., & Ogden, C. (2018). Prevalence of Overweight, Obesity, and Severe Obesity Among Adults Age 20 and Over: the United States, 1960-1962 Through 2015-2016.

Jura, M., & Kozak, L. P. (2016). Obesity and related consequences to ageing.  Age 38 (1), 23.

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