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Socioeconomic Status Drives Adult Obesity Cases in the US

Socioeconomic Status Drives Adult Obesity Cases in the US Background Obesity is one of the biggest public health concerns in America today. Its prevalence has more than doubled in the last 30 years. One in every...

Words: 898

Pages: 3

Views: 416

17 Sep 2023

Obesity: The Scary Truth

Obesity poses a significant threat to the both the present and long-term physical and psychological health in the United States. The threat arises from the high prevalence of obesity in the country. Based on the...

Words: 2497

Pages: 9

Views: 56

17 Sep 2023

Childhood Obesity: Causes, Consequences, and Prevention

Today, not only is obesity stretching existing public health resources, but it is also readily evident that this trend is set to continue in the future. This is because children with obesity are unlikely to achieve...

Words: 782

Pages: 3

Views: 97

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17 Sep 2023

Obesity Is Closely Correlated to The Food Environment

The article I have chosen to analyze is called ‘Food environments and obesity: Household diet expenditure versus food deserts’. Obesity is one of the most severe health concerns among health experts and in an...

Words: 328

Pages: 1

Views: 440

The Built Environment and chronic Disease: Obesity

Obesity is a major issue throughout the human history. Around the 20th century, obese became common to the extent that it was declared a global epidemic by WHO in 1997. The childhood obesity and overweight prevalence...

Words: 390

Pages: 1

Views: 413

The Reasons for Obesity: Is It the Lack of Physical Activity?

Introduction There are many factors which promote obesity and lack of physical activity is one of the primary elements. Obesity is described as the abnormal enlargement of the body facilitated by excessive body...

Words: 774

Pages: 2

Views: 212

Factors leading to obesity in children

The rates of childhood obesity in the United States continue to rise at alarming rates. Obesity in children is known to have a significant impact on both the psychological and physical health of children (Lim, Song &...

Words: 959

Pages: 3

Views: 358

16 Sep 2023

Why obesity it is an issue and how does it affects a personal reflection?

The society we live in today is strange. While there are more than a billion people suffering from chronic hunger, there is another one billion suffering from overweight and obese. Both of these conditions pose...

Words: 1893

Pages: 2

Views: 78

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Health Campaigns that Addressed Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is defined as a medical condition in which the weight of a child is significantly high for his or her respective height and age. Statistics released by the Center for Disease Control, obesity among...

Words: 1470

Pages: 5

Views: 224

Effects of a Healthy Lifestyle on Prevention of Obesity

Introduction Obesity is currently becoming a global health problem, with more than 600 million people affected globally based on the reports by the World Health Organization. Obesity is associated with excessive...

Words: 1133

Pages: 4

Views: 88


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Best Obesity Essays by StudyBounty

Here you will find an excellent childhood obesity essay pdf. But you don’t only get excellent papers and articles. You also get the overall service and quality. We’re not bragging, but there are several things you will definitely enjoy when searching for your perfect essay on childhood obesity.

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Free Chicdhood Obesity Papers

Papers on childhood obesity are considered to be a very popular topic, especially in high school and college. There are several more facts that you definitely need to know about our papers on obesity. 

  • They were donated by students.
  • They match the academic level you require.
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Great Obesity Essay Examples

We not only offer childhood obesity essays examples. We also have lots of important tips and tricks that any student can use to improve their writing. Therefore, before you start checking any samples, see how to write this kind of essay like a pro.

  • Check an obesity example.
  • Select a good topic that will be narrow enough to discuss in several paragraphs.
  • Do proper research using academic articles.
  • Create an outline quickly mentioning your thesis and all evidence you have collected.
  • Definitely spend your time crafting the thesis as it is very important.
  • Draft main body.
  • Finish writing with an introduction and conclusion.
  • Never skip the steps of proofreading and editing as they make your writing sharp and clear.

If you follow these steps, writing will come easy to you.

Obesity Argumentative Essay

Let us discuss an argumentative essay on childhood obesity in America. You can discuss this topic with different structures and types of papers. An argumentative paper is just one of these good examples. As it is a modern, pressing and relevant topic, you will surely find good arguments and excellent evidence supporting them. 

We definitely recommend writing an argumentative essay about obesity. For instance, you can argue that parents can be blamed if their child is overweight. To support this argument, you can find appropriate evidence and later claim that a child hardly controls their meals when they’re little. 

Childhood obesity argumentative essay topics can also argue that increasing numbers of overweight people signify an epidemic in many countries. As you can see, there are many different angles you can take on this topic and that is why it is an excellent one. Keep in mind that our examples of an argumentative essay are always at your disposal.

Obesity Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay on obesity will be not far away from an argumentative one. Here you should also present an idea. However, students must know that persuasive papers convince the audience. Therefore, there might be every chance that audience members will have an opposing opinion on the subject. How to deal with it?

  • Ensure that you have convincing evidence to prove your point.
  • Consider both points of view.
  • All your claims and points must be supported.
  • Don’t try to state that only your opinion is correct as it will offend your audience.
  • Check obesity essays for free in America to see how they deal with persuasion.

Moreover, as it is a persuasive paper, your language must be academic yet not dry. To persuade, you should definitely be more expressive and convincing. Our persuasive writing examples are here to help you.

Obesity Cause and Effect Essay

A cause and effect essay on obesity in America is yet another type of paper you can go for in this case. We think that the overall purpose of this article is understandable from its name. However, below you will find some questions that will help you in deciding how to approach this paper.

  • More and more people become overweight. What do you think causes this phenomenon?
  • Is there a problem with artificial flavors or fats in food? Are junk food, bad habits, and social relationships the ones to blame?
  • Can you blame something or someone for this epidemic?
  • If there is an epidemic, what are its effects? Here you can talk about psychological, mental, or physical effects on human health. 

Of course, you should also check a childhood obesity cause and effect essay that you can find here. Such articles are known for complicated structure. So be sure you start with cause and effect essay examples before you do anything else. 

Obesity Problem Solution Essay

Problem solution essays on obesity are the last type that we will discuss today before going to the outline of our papers. Once more, the main purpose of this paper is rather understandable from its name. You should find a problem and solution to it. Find out how you may approach it below.

  • Discover a problem

More and more people are overweight. This leads to severe psychological, mental, and physical consequences. This concerns not only adults but children as well. 

  • Find a solution

We can offer several possible solutions to this problem. First and foremost, parents of young children should be educated on this topic. Secondly, many fast food or chain restaurants might think about decreasing their portions. Third of all, this problem should be discussed in schools and support groups. 

Of course, you can offer other solutions. These are problem and solution examples about childhood obesity that you can also find here. 

What Is an Obesity Essay

Before we go deeper into structural and theoretical elements, we definitely need to discuss the definition of obesity essay. What is this topic? How to approach it? Is it relevant and how long should it be?

Definition: It is a paper that discusses a current problem seen in many countries, including the United States. Here we can definitely argue that more people are becoming overweight because they do not control their portions, and the government lacks educational materials on this issue. 

Like any other paper, it should be a standard of five paragraphs. The first paragraph is your introduction, then you have three body paragraphs and one conclusion. Now, the word count will depend on the requirements. Usually, you will write papers of around 500 words. However, everything depends on your professor, academic level, and overall requirements. 

 Obesity Essay Outline

If you decide to write this paper, you should definitely create an obesity essay outline. We will show you a small and simple way it can be done. However, it is a crucial step that allows your writing to be clear and persuasive. 

Example of obesity essay outline


  • Showcase statistics on the number of overweight people in your country of choice.
  • States that this problem can be caused by a number of factors.
  • Claim that this issue can be solved by improving educational material, decreasing portions, and monitoring quality control of food.

Main body 

  • Give evidence that educational materials can help.
  • Develop a point that decreasing portions will conquer this issue.
  • Finalize that quality control assurance regarding food is one of the best solutions.


  • Repeat your thesis statement.
  • Remind the audience that this problem will not disappear on its own.
  • Offer a way to implement at least one solution in practice.

Hint: Have any questions about your title page? Don't worry, we have a top title page creator that will do everything for you.

Obesity Essay Introduction

An introduction to obesity essay is the first point that we definitely need to discuss. You will find it weird, but the majority of students write an introduction after they finish the outline and main body. It is fair because in this case, your introduction will be much clearer and more accurate. 

When writing an introduction, students should definitely consider that it consists of a hook, background, and thesis. With that being said, it also takes 10% of the paper’s word count. That is why having the main body before an introduction is important. You only have 10% to grab attention. Give enough background and write your thesis.

It might seem like an impossible task, but with our samples, we are sure that you can do it. Check our sample below.

Introduction of obesity essay example

Obesity is a complicated disorder that involves an individual having too much or extreme body fat due to excess calorie intake (Center for Disease Control (CDCa) n.p). However, it is important to differentiate Obesity from overweight, which relates to excess weight regarding bone, muscle and body water. With a Body Mass Index (BMI) ratio of more than 30, a person is identified as obese while a BMI higher than 25 is overweight ("Overweight, obesity, and weight loss" n.p). Obesity affects an individual’s weight and health putting one at a risk of diseases like arthritis, stroke, heart illnesses, high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes among others. This essay aims at discussing the factors that lead to obesity.

Obesity Essay Thesis Statement

We also couldn’t leave you without some obesity thesis statement examples. We always say that a thesis is a crucial part of any paper. The same can be said about the thesis statement about obesity. 

Let us imagine that you have 5 paragraphs, 3 of which will be main body ones. Each paragraph discusses one point connected to your argument. Therefore, your thesis must also do the same by stating your argument and mentioning points to prove it. But you will definitely learn more from examples.

Another thing to know is that a thesis can contain several sentences. Nevertheless, keeping it short and within one sentence will be preferred.

Thesis statement for childhood obesity

Weight gain is an epidemic that can, however, be mitigated by developing educational material, controlling portions, and checking the quality of food. 

Obesity Essay Body Paragraph

We have two points left, including the obesity essay paragraph. There are many things that a good body paragraph should achieve. Consider the following things:

  • Include evidence supporting that children are truly getting overweight.
  • Discuss possible solutions to the issue we are talking about.
  • Don't forget to stick to the points you have discussed in your thesis.

Overall, students usually have at least 3 body paragraphs. Each of them has 3 sentences or more, depending on word count. Finally, the main body takes 80% of the whole paper and thus remains the wordiest one. This will be clear in our samples donated by students. You will notice that practical samples are much better than simple theory. Check a sample we have for you below.

Example of obesity essay body paragraph

According to research conducted by the CDC on obesity levels in the United States on children, adolescents and adults in 2013 – 2014, 9.4% of children between the ages of 2 – 5 years were obese. 6 – 11-year-olds with obesity were 17.4% while 20.6% accounted for adolescents of ages 12 – 19 years. Additionally, 37.9% of obese adults were of ages 20 years and above. This evidence accounts for one-third of the country with approximately 79 million people (CDCb n.p). Some of the factors leading to obesity are behavioral, societal and due to genetics.

Obesity Essay Conclusion

You will be excited to know that the conclusion to obesity essay will be the last part of the outline. Any conclusion is very close to the introduction. Therefore, students should write it on the same day. Preferably, a student can write it after they have completed the main body and outlines. Of course, research should be done prior to that as well.

Students also should check our conclusion paragraph for childhood obesity essay for reference. 

Checking samples will make everything clear. You will see that conclusion includes a thesis, summary, and a closing statement. As always, the theory is one thing and samples are another.

A conclusion also has the most important bit as an introduction. That crucial part is the closing statement. Take your time writing it!

Example of conclusion on childhood obesity

In conclusion, obesity is a global epidemic that has recently raised significant concerns among nations. Due to the social and behavioral patterns that are unhealthy, like overeating, lack of exercise, binge eating among others, the detrimental results explain the rise in chronic diseases like heart and diabetes. However, increasing taxes on junk and processed food and making healthy foods cheaper would go a long way in tackling this condition.

Popular Obesity Essay Topics

We also have excellent obesity topics for essay. There are several perspectives a student can take on this subject. However, we decided to offer some of them to get you started on your academic journey. The majority of them focus on ways to mitigate this issue. There are some that focus specifically on age groups. This is a good idea to make one's topic more narrow and much more fitting for a 5-paragraph article.

Argumentative essay topics on obesity:

  1. Consequences of being overweight.
  2. Causes of children being overweight.
  3. Physiological effects of overweight.
  4. How to lose weight the healthy way.
  5. Health risks associated with child gain weight. (Check an essay about medicine.)
  6. Epidemic: From overweight children to traumatized adults.
  7. Artificial additives as harmful substances.
  8. Role of teacher in preventing gain weight.
  9. School bullying due to gaining weight. (Read our essay on bullying to get some inspiration.)
  10. Correlation between poverty and weight gain epidemic.

Those topics can be viewed as suggestions. You can easily combine them with your own ideas and thoughts. Whatever works. It is also a good time to sit down and start writing!


FAQ About Essays on Childhood Obesity

1. Are your obesity college essay examples free?

Yes! All free essays on childhood obesity in America come with no charge whatsoever. You will not be asked to submit personal information or register anywhere. We also don’t need credit cards and never charge you for what you get. Everything is free and limitless. So browse, read, get inspired, and download as much as you’d like.

2. What are the good titles for childhood obesity essays?

Childhood obesity essay titles will definitely highlight that this issue is epidemic. Moreover, students should think about the keywords they use throughout their papers. The title will be the first impression of readers. So, don’t try to phrase it as a question. Browse through your keywords and try to connect them all together in one title. Another piece of advice we have concerns includes an age limit. Note what age you are studying, it will help you in narrowing down your focus. This way your article becomes even better.

3. What is the main idea of the obesity essay?

The main idea behind the essay about obesity in children is to highlight that more and more children are becoming overweight. It is not only a problem but a real epidemic that can be fixed. They also argue that in the majority of cases parents should be the ones helping their children. Moreover, you can offer practical solutions and find good evidence to support them.

4. How do you start off an obesity essay sample?

For instance, you can start your essay about obesity in America with a hook. This hook can be a lot of things. Normally, students either go with statistics, rhetorical questions, or a quote from a famous person or scholar. There are other ideas you can definitely use. However, this article is still academic and should adhere to strict standards.


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