Pollution Essays: Writing Guide, Outline & Examples

Some students say that easy essay on pollution in English is enough to pass. It is true. But everybody who wants more than just “to pass” needs to spend time and effort on it. Creating the pollution essay competently requires multiple tedious steps. This process can be simplified by examining proposed free text samples on this website. All articles demonstrate different approaches to the creation of such scholarly pieces. Study them closely for meaningful, valuable insights, learning new tricks and strategies.

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Air Pollution in Japan

Japan is endowed with a lot of natural wonders. After World War2, Japan took advantage of natural resources to become a global economic powerhouse. The drastic industrialization and population growth led to high...

Words: 3731

Pages: 15

Views: 202

17 Sep 2023

Air Pollution: Everything You Need to Know

The greatest misfortune in the modern generation is that humans, whom according to the biblical world view are supposed to be earth’s stewards are literally destroying the earth. Available research and expert...

Words: 1044

Pages: 3

Views: 240

Environmental Pollution: Types and Effects

Environmental pollution is a global problem and its ability to influence the physiology of humans and their surrounding environment is detrimental and thus deserves attention. Descriptively, environmental pollution...

Words: 1174

Pages: 4

Views: 211

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PESTEL Analysis of Ghana: The Factors That Will Allow and Hinder the Adoption of Pollution-Eating Bicycles

Pollution is one of the most significant problems affecting many nations across the globe. World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 23% of global deaths (12.6 million) are associated with environmental factors,...

Words: 2267

Pages: 4

Views: 151

Air and Water Pollution: Bakersfield, CA

One of the most polluted cities in the United States is Bakersfield, California. The 142-square miles city is located near the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley and the Central Valley region with a population of...

Words: 573

Pages: 2

Views: 130

Air Pollution and Lung Diseases

The evidence that climate change, which is predominantly driven by human activities is happening, is overwhelming. These activities lead to increased atmospheric greenhouse gases, which consequently cause a rise in...

Words: 806

Pages: 3

Views: 310

Pollution Prevention Audit: Disposable and Reusable Cup Products

Audit refers to an inspection and review process that determines any variations from the expected results and ways to make changes. A pollution prevention is a process of reducing or eliminating the creation,...

Words: 809

Pages: 2

Views: 394

16 Sep 2023

Air Pollution in Europe and Central Asia

Problem Statement The proposal's objective is to assess the environmental sustainability of some of the randomly selected countries in Europe and Central Asia. Particularly, the research will focus on three main...

Words: 767

Pages: 3

Views: 209

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Unintended Consequences of Air Pollution

Air pollution is one of the main contributors to climate change which is now becoming a nuisance to the world. It occurs when toxic or excessive quantities of materials including biological molecules, particulates,...

Words: 2164

Pages: 7

Views: 134

The Federal Pollution Materials and Energy Recovery Act

Several items cause pollution in the environment and controlling them will lower their effects on the ecosystem. Pollution prevention methods can be applied to activities that are more likely to cause or cause this...

Words: 570

Pages: 4

Views: 168



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Get a Free Pollution Essay

On this site every student or teacher can download a pollution essay pdf. All files are distributed freely and no registration is needed. We offer multiple types of such pieces, with different perspectives and approaches to completing this task. Everyone can find something appropriate and useful. Look at those examples yourself, extract wording, structuring, and narration tactics.

Students are not afraid of assignments like English pollution essay. What can be easier than describing real world problems? Unfortunately, completing this task is harder than you may think.

Writing an academically correct, scientifically accurate paper requires conducting prior research. Authors must examine the topic in detail, find multiple data sources, and create a strong fact-based foundation for future arguments. See our step-by-step guide further.

Short Essay on Pollution in English

Often students are tasked with writing a short essay on pollution. At the first glance – a relatively trouble-free assignment. Only after starting writing do they notice all those peculiarities and difficulties. Contamination is a paper topic that heavily relies on research and scientific findings. Facts, data, and numbers must be gathered beforehand.

Squeezing large amounts of academic data into a small text requires skill. Gaining this skill takes time but students don’t have that free time. Using already good texts by other students is a great way of improving personal writing abilities. Learn what a short paragraph on pollution must look like from proposed free samples.

Samples of Essays About Pollution

How is a sample of essay on pollution useful? For easier comprehension, we’ve made a list of benefits you can expect.

  • Improved wording

Samples demonstrate extensive usage of topic-specific vocabulary. Copy them into personal papers for a significant increase in academic preparedness.

  • Better structuring

Every paper features a solid outline, visible in every paragraph. See how it affects the coherency and consistency of an article.

  • Enhanced narration

Advanced narration tactics were used to provide a superb reading experience. Each article is perfectly paced, arguments are located strategically.

  • Trustworthy argumentation

Strong scientific studies were used for creating these samples. All reasons and justifications are supported by credible sources.

School Essay on Pollution

Schools assign essays on pollution on a regular basis. Kids learn their impact on the environment so early in life, thanks to these articles. Younger students have simpler rules and regulations regarding this kind of writing.

Topics are basic, without a strong reliance on facts or scientific findings. All pupils have to do is write a personal attitude towards this problem. Add experience if possible, examples from personal life. Browse our reflective essay examples to see how to di it. Such papers in the third grade are not very hard to complete, yet still require diligence and dedication.

Pollution essay for school is merely identical to the one from before. It features the same structure, similar topics, and comparatively low requirements. Check out our proposed samples for additional info!

Essay on Pollution for Middle School

Essay on pollution in English for 7th grade or 8th grade is where it gets interesting. Since that moment, subjects become deeper, more complicated. The sheer volume of academic pieces increases significantly. Creating such a complicated academic piece from scratch is nearly impossible. Even students who successfully completed similar written tasks in the past years do have some troubles.

Pollution essay for middle school is different in almost every way. Despite bearing the same meaning, it adds more educational value. At this stage, much more additional research is needed. Authors must have a deep understanding of what they’re writing, why, and how. Without this knowledge crafting a competent scholarly piece becomes even more troublesome. Having some creative paper samples to look at significantly simplifies the writing process.

Essay on Pollution for 9th Grade

For students of class  short essay on pollution in English does not become a new thing. The same topics and ideas repeat from one year to another. Sixth grade elevates everything and makes every task harder. Same assignments gain additional levels of complexity. Since this grade, a pollution essay 250 words is not enough.

Text size grows and the number of required data increases. An essay on pollution in 250 words won’t get high scores anymore. Students must conduct deeper studies, gather facts more carefully, and arrange data more diligently. Learn how it’s done by checking out free paper samples on this website. All articles were written and donated by other students. Expect full compliance with all regulations and requirements.

Essay on Pollution in English for Class 10

Pollution essay in English for 10th grade raises the standard bar even more. The biggest struggle with such texts at this education stage is the simplification and presentation of data. With more advanced topics, the quality of research rises. Students have been writing similar texts year after year for the last six years already. It seems like every possible aspect is figured out. Just like an essay on pollution in English for 9th grade, it only becomes harder and more complex. From one class to another, every parameter was slowly raising the difficulty.

Authors have even more freedom than before. A structure becomes more variative, developed, and well-thought-out. Now students can fit one paragraph on pollution in 150 words. Some regulations regarding sizes mentioned here may differ from the ones in each particular school. Check how students of various institutions nailed this written assignment by checking out free paper examples.

Essay on Pollution in English for 11th Grade

Last but not least, a pollution essay for high school is a final version all students can encounter. The ultimate academic writing task is the pinnacle of text creation. Students tend to have trouble with wording, argumentation, and structuring.

All these problems can be addressed by assessing the proposed paper samples on this website. Presented articles demonstrate various argumentation tactics and convincing techniques. Learn narration pacing, the influence of an outline on reading pace, and improve transitions.

If you’re tasked with creating a pollution paragraph, an appropriate sample can be found also. Since every file was donated by former students, the range of options is infinite. Almost every assignment students can get is covered. Samples are freely available at no cost. Check them out!

Student Pollution Essay Examples in English

Curious how one example of pollution essay elevates writing skills? Look at this list of positive effects:

  • Improved pacing

All samples propose different approaches to text pacing. Look at the connection between structuring, pacing, and text topics. Different paper subjects require different pacing. Try copying the one you like.

  • Better argumentation

Learn fresh tactics and techniques of argumentation. Article examples demonstrate multiple approaches to proving a point or describing a problem in a believable way. 

  • New tricks

Try extracting and implementing valuable knowledge from those samples. Each author demonstrates unique sets of tricks used to achieve academic perfection.

  • Enhanced readability

Improved structuring and pacing result in better reading qualities of a final piece. Polish transitioning and overall writing style by following proposed long essay examples on pollution.

Pollution Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay on pollution is a more scientific and research-oriented type of paper. These articles are based on giving prooves to one specific idea stated in the title. Its creating involves conducting in-depth research, separating meaningful reasons, and arranging them strategically in text. It’s important to cover every aspect of a problem mentioned in your texts’ title.

Pollution argumentative essay topics are inspiring for exploration, engaging thinking, and analytical approach. A list of argumentative essay topics about pollution will be presented later in the article.

We are offering not only topics but complete works. On this website, every student or teacher can freely download examples of argumentative essays. Study as well as examine them in detail. Look at structuring, wording, argumentation tactics, etc.

Essay on Pollution in 100 Words

To make it easier for you, a 100 words essay on pollution will occupy less space than this entire chapter. Such miniature pieces are notorious for being the hardest ones to write. It seems like no complex text can be written within similarly tight boundaries. Even a short 100 words paragraph on pollution should include an intro, body, and a summary. Three sections are necessary for conveying a message and convincing the audience.

Including big and developed arguments is impossible, so keep it short. Focus on simplified versions of them. Make them shortened and condensed. Argumentation must be solid and indisputable if you want it to work effectively in such a tight space. For a pollution essay in English 100 words is definitely not enough.

Essay on Pollution in English in 200 Words

For a pollution essay in English 200 words is less than ideal. It gives much more freedom than the previous chapter has shown. 200 words essay on pollution despite being a hard bargain is still a manageable task. Small research work is already present and must be included. Try keeping everything laconic, brief, and without big sentences.

The pacing and structure of such scholarly pieces are important. A well-crafted outline can help fit more useful info even in such tight margins. Look at the proposed paper and outline examples for better comprehension of the peculiarities of such articles.

Presented texts demonstrate that competent research work can be fitted in only two hundred words without substantial loss in quality and readability. Examine those samples closely – create unique, custom scholarly works easier.

Pollution Essay in English 300 Words

Putting a well-developed essay on pollution in 300 words requires skill. If you don’t have such skills, look at the proposed paper samples. We offer articles of various sizes, thought directions, and moods. Every student can find a piece corresponding to their needs. All files were written by other students in compliance with all modern requirements. All presented points of view are similar to ones you might have, so following those samples is easy.

Each article shows a different approach to such small pieces. Three hundred words is not a huge amount, yet enough to fit everything. A small introduction and short summary are also included. Learn how it’s done by checking out free examples of 300 words essay on pollution.

Pollution Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay about pollution in English can also be described as a convincing piece. Such papers have one goal – to convince the audience of a particular idea. It’s important to convey a message silently, yet effectively throughout. Scientific research is also needed for successful task completion. Every argument must be supported by a credible data source. It can be a magazine, conference, or case study.

Create unique, custom scholarly pieces by checking out samples of persuasive essay on pollution. Extract useful wording advice, narration tactics, and argumentation techniques. Cleverly written persuasive written examples will make a positive impact on students’ writing skills.

Pollution Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and effect essay on pollution is a very straightforward assignment. Students must analyze the problem and determine possible causes and outcomes. It’s better to select an analytical approach. Look at each aspect closely and try to determine what made it possible.

Cause and effect pollution essay heavily relies on critical and evaluative thinking. Students learn analysis to assess a situation from various perspectives. Presenting personal cognitive and analytical abilities is a must. After the initial analysis, describing everything in detail is needed.

Multiple cause and effect essay examples are available freely on this website. Download them as pdf files or read them online.

What Is a Pollution Essay

The definition of pollution essay defines it as a written piece examining a rising problem of environmental contamination. These words are known even among youngsters. The first tasks addressing this problem start as early as third grade. Such papers lean hardly towards a research work, relying on an analytical and critical approach.

Students must conduct a data-mining, separate worthy information, and present it in an academically correct way. This presentation must comply with various requirements regarding size, structure as well as formatting. Corresponding information is provided by teachers or mentors. If no data was given, students must resort to copying already existing and submitted works.

We suggest browsing our global warming essay, water pollution essay, and air pollution essay.

Pollution Essay Outline

First step you take is to create an effective outline of pollution essay. Without a competently crafted structure, all argumentation will fall apart. It acts as a backbone providing strong support to every sentence. Also, it ensures smooth and logical transitions between chapters resulting incoherent narration. Check the sample we have for you below.

Example of pollution essay outline


  • What is dirtying?
  • How does it affect our lives?
  • Main question to answer.
  • Personal attitude statement.

Body paragraphs

  • Argument #1 against contamination.
  • Supporting examples, facts, citations.
  • Argument #2 against contamination.
  • Supporting examples, facts, citations.
  • Argument #3 against contamination.
  • Supporting examples, facts, citations.


  • Restate the main question.
  • Did you answer it?
  • How can this issue be solved?
  • Call to action.

Pollution Essay Introduction

Introduction to pollution articles should be the second shortest part. This paragraph starts an entire paper. Spend time on creating a memorable, interesting beginning. An author must hook readers' attention as well as make them invested. It can be achieved in multiple ways. You can mention how it impacts every single person or give alarming facts.

Any approach will do. Keep it short and informative. Text beginning can’t be longer than its body part. Find a balance between informational value and readability. Approach it diligently, with attention to detail and the goal of interesting the audience in mind.

Check out the proposed sample below. More samples are available on this website free of charge. Glance at them for a better understanding of the introductory part structure. Students who donated these pieces have demonstrated various approaches to text beginning. Use their examples as guidance to create a truly unique introduction of pollution essay.

Example of introduction on pollution

Pollution is defined as the introduction of substances into the environment, or surrounding whose effects are either poisonous or harmful to the existing environment. Pollution has been a major menace in this 21st century majorly with the advancement in technology. Pollution is rampant everywhere in the metropolitans, suburbs, ghettos, estates and even offices. Management of pollution has been a major issue as there are numerous methods or forms of pollution hence various tactics have to be implemented to control each manifestation of contamination.

Pollution Essay Body Paragraph

Main text part creation consists of smaller actions – authors write a short paragraph on pollution in English, one after another. Then, all these paragraphs get united into one big, chunky section. The main section occupies the majority of real estate. All facts, argumentation, reasoning, and proving a point are placed here.

This paragraph (or paragraphs) creates a strong academic foundation and provides all the necessary knowledge for a deeper problem understanding. All argumentation must be written according to your previously created outline, without sacrificing anything. If text size allows free thinking – add more data. Do not overwhelm the audience with facts and numbers. Keep it light, informative, and clean yet densely packed.

Easy paragraph writing on pollution topics starts with checking samples. No need to invent the wheel. Look at our sample below. It and many other samples demonstrate a simplified, unified approach to the middle section of an article.

Example of pollution paragraph

The most efficient methods of tackling pollution by the city council are to pay for an additional maintenance person to pick up trash and develop a public education program. Developing a public education program is an effective method by the city council. Many inhabitants of the city are not aware of the dangers of inadequate disposal of trash. The city council should create awareness all over the city by educating the citizens on how to dispose trash and also how to handle waste. Through billboards and issuance of fliers and brochures showing the dangers of inadequate disposal shall quickly change the lifestyle of the public and their waste management behavior. 

Pollution Essay Conclusion

The last chapter is dedicated to the summary and conclusion of pollution paper. It is the smallest section of all, yet bears significant importance. Start your finale by stating the main topic once again. Then, restate the questions you were trying to answer. Next, remind some facts and data from the body part. Finish it off by stating the importance of problem solving and propose a few solutions.

The outline of this section looks simple, yet many students struggle to finish it. We advise you to look at the sample we have here. It shows the correct implementation of every piece of advice mentioned previously. Look how it’s structured, paced, and what data gets remembered. Use it as inspiration and create your own then.

Example of conclusion for pollution essay

Pollution is clearly a significant environmental threat in the world at large, and it is not only the duty of the city councils to curb pollution. Every individual has to take the initiative to prevent environmental pollution.

Bonus: Try our essay conclusion writer and save your time.

How to Write an Essay About Pollution

It’s time to reveal our how-to guide for everyone who can’t write an essay on pollution. Following our instruction demonstrates a working approach toward this written assignment. Follow it closely for a great final result! Improve writing and argumentation skills along the way!

  1. Select an interesting subject. Start by picking a topic you care about. Subject selection greatly affects your final result and writing process. Any boring topic will not only reduce writing speed and argumentation but also readability.
  2. Brainstorm talking points. Do you want easy pollution essay writing? Then spill thoughts on paper first. Write anything that you want to cover or explore. No censorship, pure inspiration, let your thoughts flow.
  3. Read a few samples. Examine already successful submissions by other smart students. Extract structuring, argumentation, reasoning advice. Implement them in your own, custom-written pieces for ultimate scores.
  4. Create an outline. Essay writing on pollution is impossible without solid structuring and planning. Authors must design the reader's journey through this academic piece. Generate a custom outline or use proposed samples.
  5. Read and fix mistakes. After you’re done, read it again. Look for illogical moments, weak arguments, or facts. Check originality and eliminate grammar errors alongside spelling mistakes. Carefully examine your final work.

Great Pollution Essay Topics in English

As already mentioned, it all starts with browsing through essay topics on pollution. An interesting subject instantly improves the overall experience of the audience. It helps with attention hooking and holding it throughout the whole reading process. We’ve designed a list of essay topics about pollution. Proposed subjects may not be new, yet they leave space for thinking and researching. Select one or create a custom text topic. Here are our suggestions:

  1. How does dirtying threatens marine life?
  2. Negative effect on the body and health of people.
  3. Ecological issue in authors’ country or hometown.
  4. Is contamination a natural effect of human development?
  5. Industrial revolution as the first major step toward air impurity.
  6. How can air be cleaned from dioxide in major cities?
  7. Dangerous effects of water dirtying on crops, trees, and animals. (Consult: environment protection essay.)
  8. Can light and noise pollutants be considered a threat to nature?
  9. Describe major contamination catastrophes of the 20th century.
  10. Controlling carbon footprint – is it possible and how?

FAQ About English Essay on Pollution

1. Are your pollution essay examples free?

On this site every student or teacher can find free essays pollution. All files are freely available without registration or any fees. Extract and absorb knowledge free of charge at any time of day. Learn better structuring, wording, and argumentation. Change the way you write such pieces by borrowing new ideas from sample papers.

2. What are the different types of pollution essay?

Essays on pollution just like other written articles have their own types. Usually, three types are differentiated: argumentative, persuasive, and cause-and-effect. Each variant features a similar structure with different information inside. For each paper type we offer free examples, check them out. Each one was written in full compliance with regulations.

3. What is importance of pollution essay?

In contrast with a public reception, simple essay about pollution bears great importance in education. Such articles activate brain cells and engage critical and evaluative thinking. The writing process positively affects the cognitive functions of our brain. Tasking students with such texts improves awareness of all effects humanity has on the environment.

4. How we can stop pollution essay?

An easy essay on pollution prevention or stopping is a very common topic. We do offer examples of such essays too, feel free to check them out. In such articles, students must analyze available solutions and choose the best ones. Designing custom fixes will be appreciated and positively affect the final paper score.


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