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Apples or Oranges common and different aspects

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Apples or Oranges

Apples and oranges are two fruits that share many common aspects. They both have seeds, and both have a layer of peel that protects the sweet interior. They both grow on trees, they both change colors as they grow, and both are round. However, there are also many differences between the two fruits and identification with one can be used to express personality. 

In comparison between the different characters represented by both fruits, I would like to be an Orange because it fits me.

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Apples have black seeds, small specks of greediness and evil looming inside of the apple that makes it seem untrustworthy. Secondly, they have thinner peels than oranges, so they bruise more easily. They get hurt by the tiniest of things, thus evokes a sense of timidity and the need to avoid certain challenges. Thirdly, the inner part of an apple is harder than that of an orange, representing something that is hard to control, firm and unfriendly. The inner world of an Apple is closed and hard. Fourthly, they are heavier than oranges and tend to fall from the tree, often hurting themselves on the hard ground below. Fifth, they defy the protection of its tree and throw itself off into the world, finding itself alone and in a worse situation. Additionally, an apple is round, but not perfectly so. This brings an impression of deceit and untrustworthy, making apple's personality full of negativity. Lastly, Apple products are expensive and usually associated with wealth. For instance, the wine made of apple are costly and only used by people of particular class. This aspect represents pride and prejudice.

In contrast, oranges have white seeds that don't get in the way of the tongue as it endeavors to taste the fruit. It seems like the orange is pure and kind to others, trying not to bother them. The soft outer peel of the orange evokes a sense of reliability and comfort, and the fresh and juicy interior reminds us of friendliness. It is soft and moist as if it has many stories to tell to other people in a kind manner. Secondly, the shape of the orange is as round as a baseball. It can roll, it can bounce, and it fits well into a box when put up for sale. It is a flexible fruit that can be used for a multitude of purposes such as juice, skin care packs, desserts, and even candles. Thirdly, Oranges are like mechanics, able to fix a myriad of problems adeptly and expertly, and can mix in different kinds of functions to appeal to many situations. And lastly, products made from oranges are affordable for a diverse of lifestyle, regardless of their financial status. For instance, a glass of orange juice is much affordable by many people, which represents a humble lifestyle that can mingle with different personalities regardless of their social class.

Some people may claim that apples taste better than oranges. However, if the Apple is too young and the color is green, it tastes sour. If the apple is too ripe and is a dark red color, it is too bland. Oranges, on the other hand, have a harmoniously sweet and sour taste that attracts many people.

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