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Caputo’s “On Religion”: Questions

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Question 1

Caputo was strongly against the weakening significance of the mention of God. People were beginning to narrow down the significance of God (Park, 2015). Therefore, he further elaborates this in his interpretation of the St. Augustine quote “What do I love when I love God?” He notes that it is hard for one to get direct gains from his or her love for God (Manolopoulos, 2013). It is hard to take note of what really makes our lives good and satisfying. Therefore, it is equally hard to take note of God’s interventions in our day-to-day living. Due to this, it is good for people to just believe in doing the impossible. For instance, since it is hard to perceive truth, it can be best when one endeavors to only do what is true and righteous. Through this move, people can stop yearning for the impossible. Instead, they engage in possible things that can bring the love of God to reality (Park, 2015). For instance, he notes that the yearning for impossibilities drives people to seek negative substitutes like lust and greed. Significantly, this stance enables him discuss themes such as faith, love, and hope. These themes are often hard to explain without reference to reality.

Question 2

John Caputo is strongly against any form misinformation in religion. He shuns away any notion that tends to place one’s belief first (Park, 2015). He presents his belief that all religions are true when they foster man’s focus on doing what will promote the love of God. Consequently, a religious truth is a more flexible approach to utilize in showing one’s love for God. It promotes the adherence of virtues like love, hope, humility, and generosity in day-to-day life. Through this, there is a relay of a positive message to all other humans (Manolopoulos, 2013). Action based on such virtues brings the love of God close. Consequently, such action-based religion constitutes the true religion (Park, 2015). It makes people engage in the possible to express the impossible. It is only through the focus on doing and achieving the impossible that life attains its significance. Religious truth is thus truth without knowledge because in adhering to it, the impossible is realized (Manolopoulos, 2013). For example, one helping others does not know exactly how much he is bringing the hidden love of God close to the receiver of their action. 

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On the other hand, religion based on written or said but unobserved doctrines is a true religion. It only revolves around observance of the set obligations. Consequently, it is possible to have believers who do not promote religious behaviors and actions. They do not engage in deeds that brings close the love of God to reality (Park, 2015). Consequently, chances are high that believers can go astray. They can concentrate much on the impossible and end up in doing wrongs. 

Question 3

Caputo is conscious of the emphasis that have been placed on belonging to a given religious sect. People are keen on identifying themselves as belonging to a given religion or the other (Manolopoulos, 2013). However, he argues that one can be religious and God fearing without this. As long as one endeavors to promote the realization of God’s love, he or she is religious. For example, helping others is a way of showing one’s God fearing nature (Park, 2015). Contrary to this, belonging to a given religion is not an outward show of one’s God fearing nature. From the above ideas, Caputo emphasizes that people should adhere to observing religious truths. Through this, God’s love is brought near to human realities.

Question 4

Caputo’s ideas are all inclusive (Park, 2015). He never segregates in terms of beliefs, religious bodies, or even religious perspectives (Manolopoulos, 2013). He simply puts that God’s love is often hard to perceive and explain in reality. In fact, it is impossible to arrive at this. Consequently, it is only through the human engagements in actions that show God’s love that humanity realizes it. However, Caputo is conscious of possible objections of his ideas (Manolopoulos, 2013).Nevertheless; he is willing to accept any convincing counter arguments. He is for the proper articulation of religious obligations and responsibilities (Park, 2015). This is because of the fact that through the observance to them, humanity gets to experience the love of God. 

Caputo’s arguments are far much convincing and reliable. Therefore, I have a strong believe that Caputo achieved in including all religions in his argument. For instance, he is good in attaching examples and sufficient emphasis on any point he makes on religion and the love of God. He characterizes true religion as only manifested in the doing of those things that help in realizing the distant God’s love. Furthermore, Caputo disagrees with any move that will counter the doing of that which is right (Manolopoulos, 2013). He is emphasizing the fact that people should reach out to the impossible through the possible. This argument is logically true in the sense that when one believes in God, God’s love should manifest through them (Park, 2015). Therefore, Caputo cements his ideas on a logical ground thus countering any possible objection. Consequenftly, his position is highly convincing. 


Manolopoulos, M. (2013). A Loving Attack on Caputo’s ‘Caputolism’ and His Refusal of Communism. Political Theology, 14 (3), 325-335.

Park, T. (2015). Faith in God without Any Revelation? International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, 78 (3), 315-328.

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