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Consumption and Metabolism of Carbohydrates

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Dietary carbohydrates are necessary for body metabolism as they provide glucose, a form of energy for the body. They are part of a healthful diet with the AMDR for carbohydrates being 45 to 66 percent of total calories. Carbohydrates in this sense are available in various forms including fiber necessary for facilitating bowel movement, (Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2005). A great amount of caution by different authors serves to disregard the consumption of carbohydrates as it has ties to weight gain and increased obesity. The human body is designed to adapt to any food that is available; therefore, the ability to survive on a variety of diets is essential for the human. There has been an intensive campaign to enlighten to people consume a variety of foods to overcome drought conditions. Among the diets that are heavily consumed is this is carbohydrates because of its ability to generate energy in our bodies.

Most diets, in fact, incorporate a decrease in sugar consumption, as they are a source of weight gain. The idea with this is that elevation of the content of dietary carbohydrates results in the increase of triglycerides in the blood that leads into carbohydrate induced-hyperglycemia, (Parks, 2001).

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Carbohydrates form a major part of the food group and can be simple or complex. Their consumption is essential for the body; however excessive use has links to various diseases and premature aging, (Murray & Pizzomo, 2005). To guide individuals in the preferable carbohydrates to consume and their effect on the body, the glycemic index is used. The glycemic index helps by relaying a value showing the rise of blood glucose after consuming a particular food. Utilizing the glycemic index helps regulate the carbohydrate index. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (2005), it is important to choose favorable carbohydrates such as fruits, dairy, and vegetables necessary for providing nutrients for the body.

The revolution in the world of nutrition have nutritionists recommending carbohydrates that are fiber based with guidelines for the portions undertaken given. Though recommendations of carbohydrates have that consumption should be every day, most nutritionists discourage taking in bad carbohydrates such as refined grains and added sugars with healthy carbohydrates including those such as whole grains, fruits, and seeds. Sugar consumption is without a doubt beneficial as it has links to strengthening the body’s endurance.

An understanding of metabolism refers to it as the total of chemical reactions in the body, (Peluso, 2016). Basal metabolic rate identifies metabolism at rest, with it increasing through the intake of food. Diseases such as diabetes, hypertension has an association with the metabolism of the body. The metabolism has its beginnings from the mouth where digestion of carbohydrates begins. The goal of taking in carbs is to break down the polysaccharides and disaccharides into a form easily absorbed that is glucose. Enzymes present in the mouth such as salivary amylase digest the starch. From then the carbohydrates moves to the small intestine where through the pancreatic amylase it is further digested into maltose. With the body involved in an intricate system of digestion, hormones continue in the further digestion of the remaining carbohydrates. It follows a biochemical trail following reactions such as glycolysis. In the glycosis pathway, glucose converts to pyruvate and lactate along with a small quantity of energy (Murray & Pizzomo, 2015). The glycolysis pathway forms an important part of metabolism, as it constitutes the basis for providing energy for the body. It is not the only pathway responsible for managing carbohydrates but so is the Krebs cycle, making the body a biochemical factory.

Some of the products of carbohydrates include glycogen which is mainly present in the liver and muscles and is an essential component as it facilities how we move from one place to place utilizing the energy we have stored. This explains why after a workout session most people crave a snack bar or even lick glucose to regain the energy they have burned in working out. Glucose is responsible for building up the body cells and strengthening them making it an essential element in the body functions, (Parks, 2001). With this in mind, it puts to test diets that discourage uptake of carbohydrates by associating them with weight gain.

Carbohydrates are necessary as they provide us with energy, which fuels daily activity and exercise. Low carb intake has links to ketoacidosis, which about increased acid in the blood as the body struggles to find alternative sources of energy. This is because the process of retrieving the fuel results in the production of ketones that cause ketoacidosis. The effect of this is damage to the tissues and blood vessels.

Metabolism and consumption of alcohol are indeed important, and the body requires carbohydrates to survive. Through regulation of the intake of the carbohydrates and opting for complex carbohydrates strengthens the body and reduce any adverse effects of excessive consumption of them.


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