8 Aug 2022


Criminology: The Study of Crime and Criminals

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In the current economy, the crimes are rampant meaning there need to train more criminologists. Similarly, criminology job market's prospects are excellent, hence high growth in criminology careers. Among the criminology careers, crime and criminal justice system is the most interesting program. It explores crimes from historical, political as well as legal. Thus, being a criminal justice practitioner, you are in a position to assess deviant crime behaviors from different fields.

Over the years, criminology hiring requirements are becoming more extensive. In the effort of ensuring criminology professionals are the competent college degree in criminal justice has become a universal requirement. According to Carlsson (2014) increasing number of criminology jobs are recommending for a degree in criminal justice. However, some criminology departments are not concentrating on the paper qualifications. They are in need of the applicants who can demonstrate intelligence, discipline as well as focus on their duties. Therefore, the level of education will depend on the hiring policies of the employer and complexity of the job. Also, other may go to the top of their career specialization and earn a doctoral degree.

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Like any discipline, criminology careers have its downsides. Firstly, over decades economy has not acknowledged criminology career as high pay job. However, the major problem with of the criminology practitioners is that they work locally ( Carlsson, 2014) . Thus, in such level of employment, the viability to getting pensions is questioned. Secondly, criminology jobs may affect practitioners emotionally as well as mentally. For instance, dealing with criminals sometimes is not a job for the squeamish. Also, trying to reach criminals and associate with them it can be emotionally daunting. In conclusion, most of the criminology jobs are offered by government agencies, and most of the local, as well as federal governments, are allocating funds to higher criminologists. Currently, a probation officer with bachelor's degree is earning a net pay of $49,360.


Carlsson, C. (2014).    Continuities and changes in criminal careers   (Doctoral dissertation, Department of Criminology, Stockholm University). 

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