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Diversity and Cultural Factors in Psychology

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Anger: Myths and Truths about the Emotion   

Narcissism, as observed in the film, is a byproduct of many factors affecting the American society. For instance, after the Vietnam War, the American society was affected by several negative elements such as economic slowdowns and depletion of resources. Consequently, there was a rise of pessimism with many members of the society lacking the resilience and creativity to confront challenges in their contemporary life. Likewise, there was a lack of confidence in the leadership with much of the society’s productive functions being affected negatively (Films Media Group, 2007). Narcissism thus presented an avenue for many Americans to overlook the negative conditions associated with the past. Thus, many Americans resulted to looking into self-centered preoccupations. Subsequently, many more generations have resulted to addressing their societal shortcomings with narcissistic tendencies such as overestimation of one’s capabilities and importance. Currently, many children are becoming socialized to be narcissists, a situation that is cultivated by parental overvaluation and lack of parental warmth (Films Media Group, 2007). This has morphed into the adoption of a celebrity culture which focuses on self-importance and disregard for others. 

Women and Depression   

Clinical depression affects a sizeable number of women in America. However, due to the public’s misconception of the condition many Americans continue to stigmatize victims of depression. In the video, Stephanie Harrington of The Chicago National Mental Health Association tackles stigma extended to minorities and women. Many of the affected are dubbed as weird or crazy from an early age (Films Media Group, 2000). Further, most of the victims are perceived as lacking willpower, having poor emotional control, or being a danger to others. The negative stereotypes are further perpetuated by the media which associates many violent crime perpetrators with mental illness. Social distancing has also emboldened the stigma on depressed individuals. The isolation in many cases only serves to enhance the condition (Films Media Group, 2000). Additionally, the stigma pushes many of the affected individuals from coming out clean about their struggle with depression. However, despite this, with proper early interventions, mental illness can be managed. 

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