30 Jan 2023


Does Age Really Matter in a Relationship?

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There is an interesting thing about love, which is you never know whom your partner will be. Couples may have same backgrounds, similar interests and the same sense of humor but regardless of these connections, there is always that one question that sticks out among many people. Is age a deciding factor when getting in a relationship? There are differing viewpoints on the issue of age gap; some people feel that age difference could lead to a great deal of problems within the relationship. This paper is of the opinion that as long as both of you are mature adults age should not be a hindrance to entering into a relationship. 

Age should not prevent a person from being with the love of her life, the only thing that should worry you is their level of maturity. People always say that “The heart wants what the heart wants.” Regardless of what people say about age gap as long as you are on the same maturity level then don’t close the door on the chance to be with the one you truly love. 

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Maybe your potential lover is 30, and you are 20, but he is just as confused about his life the same way you are. 10-year difference in age might be scary, but you are both going through same things in life. There is no convincing explanation to stop that blossoming between two lovebirds, not even age difference. If both of you have the connection and want the same thing from the relationship, then you have won half the battle. 

To sum up, on this topic, the world out there has a negative stigma about age differences, and this causes potential lovers to be worried about what people will say. Consequently, when we begin developing feelings for people not within our age brackets, we tend to think our feelings are not right. When it comes to love, there should be no status quo for a person just because of age. Give love a chance to perform its mysterious magic even if you are having a special connection with an older or younger person than you. Explore it and let it blossom beautifully. 

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