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Empire of the Hittites – In Search of the Trojan War

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Empire of the Hittites – In Search of the Trojan War 

Empire of the Hittites- In Search of Trojan War by Michael Wood unfolds the ancient civilization of the Hittites which developed much faster in 1500 BC due to metallurgy and iron which replaced the use of bronze. More ironsmith was found at the time and later migrated to other regions after the collapse of the Hittite empire. The Hittites were easily identified by their Indo-European language with a cuneiform of writing. They first conquered Anatolia before 2,000 BCE and rose to prominence where they built empire between Turkey and Syria. Regarding the empires achievement, the Hittites people destroyed Babylon and ensured that it expanded its boundaries through treaties and intermarriage of the emperors to Hittite King with the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II. In the end, the great Hittite was destroyed by the Sea People who conquered some parts of Egypt between 1218 and 1182 BC (Wood 1998).

On a separate note, the film reveals the heroes of Troy such as Achilles, Paris & the beauty Helen amidst a Trojan War. The film gives the historical events of the legend of the heroic age which reveals the beauty of Troy City. These different legends of Troy bring about the Western culture the Asian Minor or the presence state Turkey (Wood 1998).

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The film gives a snapshot of evidence on the continuous development and building of civilization in both Aegean and Asian Minor. This film elaborates on the development of literary work such as ancient writing as well as demonstrating proper ways of negotiations in peaceful means through intermarriages amidst development of cultures in the ancient time. Lastly, writing the film in their person helps the audiences to be active observers which enable them to understand the plot and empathize with the actors.

The Hero as Artist – Civilisation 

The Hero as Artist by Kenneth Clark reveals civilization through reformation in the Britain artistry. This film was one of the major breakthroughs in the art television which revealed the high culture of the lay group or laypeople ( Clark 2015 ). The film outlines true civilization to be energetic, humane, compassionate and confident that is backed up by a belief in permanence and a necessity of doubt. Clark believed that civilization is earned through hard work and that good thing that forms part of civilization are derived by great men. He was able to deeply explore visual television possibilities and his intuition that the television programs operate on ideas of art history with a combination of visual points of departure. Thus, civilization during the reformation period was carried out successfully through hard work by artists who are seen as heroes ( Clark 2015 ). 

Regarding personal reflection of the film, Clark paid more attention to the Papal Rome in the 16 th Century through the convergence of Christianity and the antiquity. He was able to focus on Michelangelo, Raphael and Da Vinci. He is able to explore the environment of the Vatican, the decorations and the Sistine Chapel that were artistically done by the artist hence the title of the film. Therefore, I recommend this film be watched by other people since it details the reformation in the age of civilization where people needed to use their skills and work hard to become heroes just like the artists of the time. 

Genghis Khan: Terror and Conquest – Biography 

Genghis Khan: Terror and Conquest is a film that is acted by a feared protagonist Khan who was a warrior whose brutality and fierce conquest enabled him established a greater empire in the East. Khan was born in 12 century in Mongolia (Lane 2004). He then grew up as a hunter and a leader who was fearless and even killed his half-brother over an argument about fish. His fearless heart that frequently yearned for war made him become a powerful warlord who was skilled with tactics on psychological warfare. Such wits enabled him to push higher in the ranks in different alliances he would make and loved blood battle for success in the whole Asia. Thus, his power hungry nature and ruthless killing techniques enabled him to conquer territories across the world where he could easily destroy as well as unite nations (Lane 2004).

On personal opinion, the film should only be watched by young adults due to some of the disturbing images and episodes of murder. The film gives portray terror and authoritarianism as means of seeking powerful positions in negative ways hence gives the audience insight that there should be other forms of achieving power and leadership that ought to be used.


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