10 Jun 2022


Ethics and business professional

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Ethics are the moral standards that business rely on when making evaluations. Workplace behavior and values are an essential part of employment since both are the features which assist the company in its exertions to profitable. In fact, morals and ethics are the just as Significant to most organizations as performances as teamwork and high morale are two elements for success. Every firm in every industry has specific guidelines to which workers must observe and frequently framework such attributes in the employee handbook. Furthermore, all the business firms have to specify what is acceptable behavior and unacceptable behavior when employing an individual and typically they the description of the accepted and unaccepted behavior in a company are summarized during the interview process or job description (Paliwal, 2006) . 

Maintaining a high level of integrity is the primary business ethic which involves the various ways which an employee can gain trust from other individuals in the workplace. Also, integrity has to exist between an employee and customers, the working team, or the superiors since integrity are involves a consistent quality demonstrated by an association of an employee’s words, thoughts and actions. More ever, it requires an employee to have the moral courage to execute the correct duty since it takes internal strengths to live up to lapses and acknowledge when liability evolves. Besides an employee has to ensure that there is no any discrimination since any unfair treatment of employees based on prejudice affects the behavioral ethics in the business (Trevino, 2003, p. 42) . 

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Identifying the problem 

There are numerous claims that a VP of a particular company is treating employees unequally by regarding workers of one gender over the other. Employees have to earn their right to advance in the business when they execute their task efficiently. 

Investigating the problem 

An investigator has to be sent to the company and try to find out whether workers are compensated based on their individual’s capability to deliver measurable and performances regardless of their gender. The investigator tracks the new VP business agreement and finds out that two employees are not given fair chances at the job by the VP due to the disparity in their sexual orientation. 

Innovate by generating a variety of solutions. 

As soon it is realized that the opportunities in the organization are restricted to one gender by the VP, the management of the firm has to combine the sex of employees as a unique resource. The combination will ensure that employees have equal chances in the workplace regardless of them sexualise. Nevertheless, the VP has to be examined further in the discriminations issues and be relieved of any duty which includes male and female employees. 

Isolating a solution 

Employees facing discrimination in the workplace can seek for assistance through discussion with their supervisors and file a compliment or start a lawsuit. Since many employees find it useful to discuss the act of discrimination with a superior before filling a form of official, complain since discrimination may be handled internally to the pleasure of all the parties involved. The human resource may terminate the member responsible for the favoritism, move them to other section or demote them depending on the sensitivity of the case. Discrimination is also combated in the organization by counseling or increasing sensitivity training for the perpetrator and the victim. Also, working directly with the management helps in alleviating the cost and hype of filing a lawsuit or complaint (Solotoff, 2006) . 

Implementing the solution 

The administration of the organization has to develop a policy will explain state the firm’s workplace is not tolerated discrimination and harassment and ensure that all the workers are conversant with the rule. The strategy can be displayed in the workplace noticeboard, discussing in the staff meeting, or posting in the organization’s intranet. Besides if the business workplace delivers goods and services to others, the policy has to make it clear that it is in opposition to discrimination against or any form of harassment to the public or people in the business premise thus both the company and individuals could be accountable for any act of harassment or discrimination. 

What the decision arrived is due the applying of the five “I” format and the verdict aims at reducing the cases of discrimination in the workplace which is against the ethics of business in the workplace. The format gives a step by step procedure of solving the problem of ethics in the organization thus making the process easy enhances right decision. The analysis indicates that workplace disparities are against the accepted code of conducts in the business, and there are various ways to deal with the harassment. Also, ethics in the place of work has a contribution to the success of the companies and both employees, and the management has to be involved in the ensuring that there is a serious consideration of the business ethics. Besides, a policy is an important tool in the smooth running if business because it regulates the behavior of the employees in the working place. 


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