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Family Abuse Case: How to Recognize, Respond, and Seek Help

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The DHHS or Department of Health and Human Services is a government institution in Australia responsible for monitoring and managing the health system, mainly in Victoria. The DHHS also has the mandate to intervene in cases where there are family violence and child abuse. In Mr. Esmond's case, the self-report presents crucial facts concerning the allegation of family abuse. Mr. Esmond was referred for assessment on allegations of inappropriate parenting behavior, including physical and emotional abuse on his wife and stepson. According to Mr. Esmond’s argument, he and his wife did not understand how to properly deal with their son Matty, who had several specialized care and attention disorders.

The evaluation revealed that despite Mr. Esmonds claim to love his children, he did not possess appropriate parenting skills explicitly required in providing care for a special needs child. The evaluation revealed that Mr. Esmond suffered an abusive and frustrating childhood that affected his psychological state. Mr. Esmond suffered from attention deficit, among other physical and psychological conditions, which reflected his poor parenting skills. Mr. Esmond had also previously abused his son Matty threatening him with hot sauce, which does not reflect appropriate parenting behavior. Mr. Esmond had an average score on the psychometric test and showed a good understanding of parenting and love for his children despite past abusive behaviors. However, the evaluation revealed that Mr. Esmond was downplaying several issues, including his substance dependence.

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From the self-assessment, Mr. Esmond portrays a good understanding of parenting and showing love to his children. However, I noted that Mr. Esmond provided a misleading assessment to show his excellent parenting despite the contrary's past evidence. Therefore, self-reporting plays a vital role in getting to know the views of the person being evaluated. The self-report reveals various issues, including discrepancies that pint out to psychopathic behavior or psychological and emotional inept. Mr. Esmond was abusive and was not fit to be a parent. My assumptions for the case were that there could have been a possibility that Mr. Esmond was falsely accused. Therefore, it can be concluded that Mr. Esmond suffers both psychological and emotional challenges, making him unfit to be a parent.

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