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Fear and Uncertainty PSTD among Military Families

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Families of Vietnam and Wilkinson like most families of servicemen experience different levels of fear and worry. The stress results from the concerns of the economic hardships, the safety of their loved ones, fear of missing their partners, the possibility of remaining a single parent among other issues (Guzman, 2014). However, the families created different strategies for coping with fear and uncertainties. 

For instance, Wilkinson holds that in as much as the family never focused much on Michael’s deployment as the Army and marine families would. However, they knew that he was in dangerous waters. They prepared for his extensions and deployment, which was created a lot of fear among the family members. Equally, Betty Flannigan, the Vietnamese family coped with fear and uncertainty by reading through the weekly Army Times. They were concerned that someone they knew would be in the daily news’ death list (Wilkinson & Flanigan, n.d). 

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Betty would run away from anyone she thought bears bad news for her family regarding Desmond’s safety. She dreaded the people in Uniform coming to the house especially when they are not accompanied by his husband. Betty keeps in check with reality by listening to stories of wives, who live in the quarters (Wilkinson & Flanigan, n.d). She adopted the strategy used by a wife that drove away to escape possible bad news regarding his husband. 

Internal and External Strategies Used by the Families 

Wilkinson used both internal and external coping skills when she bears it in mind that the husband is in dangerous waters, and preparing for his deployments and extensions. Betty’s coping skills were mainly external because she would run away from the possible bad news (Wilkinson & Flanigan, n.d). 

Possible Support That Can Benefit These Families 

Betty read stories of military wives in the quarters, and the fear of the men in uniform walking into his house (Wilkinson & Flanigan, n.d). The families would have benefitted from different support criteria, including engaging in relaxing activities like attending concerts, long baths, and remaining kind to themselves. Equally, limiting themselves from news media exposure helps as it prevents them from speculations, rumors, and images that might interfere with their proper sense of well being (Lester et al., 2012). 

Helpful Insights for Me 

I got insights that military families are emotionally fragile and require exposure to positive activities, require a lot of help, and engagement in relaxing activities (Laurence & Matthews, 2012). Exposing these families to news media’s speculations and rumors can impact on their sense of well being. For instance, Betty exposure to weekly newspapers influenced her emotions negatively and increased stress in her regarding people in uniform approaching her (Wilkinson & Flanigan, n.d). I would apply to expose military families in relaxing and engaging activities to ensure proper emotional well-being. 


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