23 Aug 2022


Freedom from Fear: US Presidents' Point of View

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Freedom from fear is everybody’s concern and thus not a preserve of the poor or the rich. It cuts across all the social cadres and as such this is a subject that worries all regardless. Freedom from fear ensures that the society lives in peace and in peace, businesses thrive, leadership thrives and employment creation thrives thus peace impacts both the rich and the poor. 

When Roosevelt did give his famous speech on the four freedoms, he points out freedom from fear as one of the key tenets of any society. Roosevelt submits that for any society to progress there must be freedom from fear from any form of aggression or armament. He does not narrow it to the rich or the poor but rather states that everybody requires freedom from fear. He goes ahead to assert that the destiny of any nation is dependent on the millions of people who are free from fear as they will be able to contribute to the development of the country with ease. This therefore shows that freedom from fear affects all regardless of the social status in the society. 

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President Obama in his welcoming remarks states that all citizens around the world should live free from fear. He goes ahead to state that nations should fight terrorists and those using weapons to endanger the world. President Obama implies that when the world is at war, it creates fear and destruction an when such happens, it does not choose whom to affect however it becomes an issue that affects everyone in the society. This is the reason why the President goes ahead to say that universal rights is a preserve of all. He does not say it is for the rich or the poor but all meaning whether rich or poor everyone deserves freedom from fear. 

In the two speeches by the former Presidents, there is the notion that American values are for both the rich and the poor and so is the situation with the freedom from fear. All the speeches agree that freedom from fear is something that the society should stand against by fighting those terrorizing and use arms to jeopardize peace in the world. The two speeches only differs on the scope of peace keeping such that while Roosevelt is specific to America and its role in protecting its territory, Obama is keeping to using the American position to help other nations even going ahead to mention Middle East and North Africa. In all these, the bottom line is, everybody whether in Africa or America, whether rich or poor will only thrive and succeed in a country where peace prevails and where there freedom from fear. 

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