21 Mar 2022


Five Conflict Management Styles in Remember the Titans

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Remember the Titans is a movie that talks about the differences that leadership brings and racism. The coach of the football team, Mr. Boone, requires both the White and Black students to get to know about the personal details of their teammates. By getting to know about their differences, both the White and Black students are placed in a position to recognize that they are the same apart from their skin color. Therefore, the coach applies the accommodating conflict management style. The coach makes the team members to put aside their concerns and needs so as to satisfy the other teammates’ needs. For instance, when Ray misses the block and Bertier who is the captain approaches their coach to have Ray out of the team, the coach reminds him of the accommodating policy.

Additionally, the fight between Campbell and Bertier during the team’s camp training is another illustration of the effective style of conflict management as the two battle for the team leadership and their self-identity. They are made to rethink of the consequences of the fight. Another situation is the conflict that arose between some black and white students after they came from the training camp which brought the indulgence of other students. In this case, Julius and Gerry make attempts to resolve the problem. It is imperative to note that this fighting incident brings both the black and white students in the football team closer and even makes them more responsible as they learn to accommodate their differences.

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I agree with the accommodating conflict management style in Remember the Titans. It is critical to know that games and even workplaces do have people with different colors as well as behaviors. Therefore, it is important that people should be aware each other better and also accommodate their differences in a manner that does not involve frequent fighting.

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