14 Apr 2022


History of computer technology development

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Understanding Thesis

Technology has an extensive history of development. In fact, in the contemporary world, almost everyone owns some form of technology, be it mobile phones, computers or even tablets. Currently, computers have become a central device in our daily activities. Truthfully, people find it tough to get through a working day minus a computer. But although the technology is meant to benefit humans, it has similarly brought along several weaknesses to match. 

First and foremost, when it comes to computer technology, disruptions are almost inevitable. I woke just, as usual, to read an e-newspaper on my laptop. When I tried switching on the gadgets, it began bustling and grinding and tossing out ceaseless and pointless digits. Something struck my mind, and I noticed that the day will start off on a sad note (Gustafson, 1997). I did not give up, so I continued staring at the screen. Then all over sudden, some six words pop out at the bottom of the screen “Hard Drive Failure. Insert Boot Disk” (Gustafson, 1997). I did not even recall creating a boot disk. I tried anything that a human could think of but none of these provided any tangible solution. This is not the only form of disruption a computer can cause. Nowadays, the traditional eating style where meals were served with family members seated on around the dining table rarely happens. As a result, human’s morals and values have been forced to change to adjust to this technological era. 

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As mentioned in the introductory paragraph, technology was never designed to wreak havoc on nature. It was programmed to assist people to stay in touch irrespective of whether they are in African or the US. As I write this essay, many families, both nuclear and extended, are not strictly intact as it was the case in the early 19th century. Technology has offered humankind an alternative option to keep in touch with families. This would not have been possible without the development of computer programs and applications such as the internet. It is indeed true that through the internet, we can connect to anybody from anywhere on the globe. The Internet has facilitated the emergence of virtual families. People can chat, form connections and even find love on the web. As much as I would like to agree with Dave Barry (cited in Gustafson, 1997), I feel compelled to disapprove his view regarding the computer technology. Yes, we chat with many strangers online, but not everyone on the internet is annoying and stupid. 

Computers have offered brilliant and efficient ways to get work done. Technologies have always been invented throughout the human history. Some are replaced while others are modified to make life comfortable and more secure. Although from all these endurances, no single device has been useful like computers. People are becoming more reliant upon computers with each passing day. For instance, computers serve media, advertisers, and businesses at a significantly reduced cost (Gustafson, 1997). Computers are applicable in a broad range of activities; talk of financial services, airline reservations or online soap operas. Any business without this kind of technology risks being liquidated.

With the all the demerits technology has brought to the world, I think that computers have helped transform the world. I can reach out to my friends from anywhere through virtual reality and still feel as if am there. The only thing that people need to worry about is not to let computers consume them (Gustafson, 1997). Technological development will take its own course no matter what people think about it. Personally, I think computer dependency essential; however, excessive dependencies can endanger the entire human race. So technologies must be controlled by us, and not the other way round. 


Gustafson, D. (1997). Cyber Life. Retrieved from http://davegustafson.com/speech/cybrlife.htm

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