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How Stress and Dreams Relate

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Stress is the state in which an individual has a feeling of strain while carrying out their normal activities. The individuals may also tend to have a lot of pressure in handling fundamental problems which may affect them. On the other hand, a dream may be defined as the set of sensations, visual images and thoughts which may occur in an individual’s mind while they are on rest mostly at night. They are things which a person can visualise which are not true in a real life situation. Dreams in most cases reflect what is in the mind of an individual. This essay offers a detailed discussion on the relationship between stress and thoughts which a person may experience at different time intervals. 

Stress may not be considered to be all bad, it also has some health benefits, and there is proof that some real pressure can immensely improve the performance of various athletes. It has also been shown that it acts as a motivational factor in the way that an individual views their environment. Many people who experienced stress in most cases does so at nights when their bodies are relaxed. This is the time when these people may have dreams. Stress has been shown to affect the quality of sleep that individual experiences. If a person is under pressure and stress, it is important for them to at least get enough sleep so that they can be able to think clearly the subsequent days.

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Several chemical changes can be experienced in the body when an individual has stress, and in the process, a hormone glucocorticoids may be produced which has been shown to disrupt sleep significantly. People have been shown to have slept in four stages, and the deepest that goes for long can only be achieved after one hour that a person may not perform while under stress. We realize that during such short period of sleep an individual may experience some forms of imaginations experienced majorly during sleep.

Individuals may have varied form of dreams which imply their current status of thinking, the idea may call back their past experiences, and they may think the dead or they may be in the form of sexual nature. Strange dreams may also make an individual wake up in the shape of incomparable anxiety accompanied with stress. A dream can also remind a person of their past events in which they performed tasks which they cannot believe they could achieve. Psychology has shown that individuals can only visualize or think of images or events in the form of a dream if they are ideally on their right minds.

It has also been noted that thoughts which come out of stress in an individual in most cases have a common pattern in the way that people experience them ranging from ones which can come up when a person loses their teeth to coming at a point of death. Notably, such individuals are not able to prevent bad dreams from coming into their way at night. The bad dreams can allow individuals to have solutions towards some of the things which may disturb their emotions. 

As stated earlier that individuals can have dreams according to the different stress that may be going through their minds ranging from several things for example social and economic challenges. It is worth noting that the only way to manage bad dreams begins with managing the stress that an individual may be undergoing. Being psychologically motivated, it can be much better if people affected to change their mode of thinking to minimize the possibility of experiencing those dreams.

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