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How to Age with Sexuality

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The media cartoon image expresses sexuality amongst senior persons. The cartoon image displays a brighter, cheery and more positive outlook and message on the subject of sexuality as well as aging. The cartoon picture summarizes how sexuality is perceived as it deals with various dimensions in old age. The sexuality of humans is both a sensitive topic and an extensive one too. Human sexuality is regarded as sensitive since it is a subject which can draw embarrassment and discomfort to more conventional cultures. Therefore, human sexuality is a topic which isn’t extensively debated. Sexuality in humans is considered a broad topic since it includes diverse facets of being an individual. Human sexuality refers to the interconnection of psychological, sociocultural, as well as biological dimensions. Sexuality is an aspect of life and is an actuality that it performs some significant roles all through human life. The current paper seeks to discuss examples of social, psychological, and physiological features of sexual development that are expressed in cartoon image. 

Physiological aspects 

The Maslow’s hierarchy of necessities classifies basic necessities amongst persons which require to be met so as to realize general wellness as well as optimal potential. Maslow classified sex as among the physiological necessities of humans. Sex is an element of sexuality, and according to Maslow, is equally as significant as sleep, food, and water. This is for the reason that via sex, there remains reproduction, which is normally attained in the reproductive stage. Sexual features begin to show in adolescence. These are the behavioral and physical characteristics which symbolize biological sex. It lingers via puberty and adulthood, and it is in the course of these phases that are regarded as reproductive peaks, in which there remains an upsurge in stamina, libido or sexual desires to both female and male. Reproductive functioning deteriorates as women and men advance in age and reach senescence. In addition, sexual performances, sexual activities as well as functions weaken with advancement in age. 

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The cartoon picture displays the physical alterations which happen to senior persons. Physiological sex-associated alterations ensue and undoubtedly are age-linked. As the image shows, the couple required support when walking. The image expresses a decline in muscular strength, as they needed canes to facilitate walking. Senior persons call their spouse “roommates” due to the absence of sexual deeds. The couple doesn’t participate in sex the same way they did when they were younger. Another conspicuous transformation seen in the picture is that the husband has a striking bald and grey hair. As years advance, it is anticipated that hair gradually changes to gray and thins out. Physical traits and appearance are indubitably among the different features which fuel interest and arousal. Using supporting cane to walk and becoming bald are amongst the physiological alterations in sexual developments which are witnessed as a person reach old age. Although sexuality in its comprehensive sense isn’t narrowed to participation in sexual deeds; the deteriorating of physical features which transpires in senior has a huge effect in realizing optimal sexuality. 

Psychological aspects 

As a kid develops, grows up into maturity and approach the latest phase of lifetime, the psychological features as well as insights into sexual developments acquired follow through. Getting old is an occurrence, not every person longs for. Nevertheless, the cartoon pictures exhibit a positive note on growing old. The images focus and give considerable emphasis on the healthy instead of a weakening sexuality. The picture informs the observers that irrespective of old age as well as the sexual alterations that follow, persons may still revel in and there remain different methods of sexual manifestation. The faces of the elderly duo display nothing but being relaxed and happy. The desire to touch, affection may still be satisfied by simply spending quality time with a spouse, as revealed in the image, with a significant other who possess a great part in a person’s sexuality. A crucial element of the picture is that it reinforces the role of healthy as well as positive attitude to sexual development amongst senior and it doesn’t exclusively rotate around the couple having the lively sex life. 

Social aspects 

A society is a valued learning setting. Both behavior and knowledge may be learnt in a society. Society typically generates achievement amongst people; nevertheless, it may equally generate obstacles, faulty attitudes as well as sexual myths. In old age, sexual maturity, principles and beliefs are by this time integral. The society maintains a not-so-amusing attitude toward sexual manifestation amongst senior particularly the deed itself. The cartoon picture portrays a tolerable manner of sexual manifestation. The senior duo is relishing outdoors, dancing underneath the sun, inviting a fresh day welcomingly. The couple is having fun by basically being together. For senior, these are the satisfactory manners and unarguably abide by social standards. 


In a nutshell, the cartoon image shows the wholeness of sexuality in addition to aging. This specific image expresses a meaningful and clear message. The cartoon picture implies that a healthy sexuality is still achievable throughout the aging course. A deteriorating physiological functioning is unavoidable; however, it isn’t narrowed to the way people behave sexually. The desired sexuality throughout aging may still be realized. The understanding of aging and sexuality differs between individuals, just as these persons are affected by sociocultural, psychological, and physiological influences. Having an optimistic attitude in addition to being enclosed by the individual who is most significant delivers the ideal sexual health. 



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