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How to Do an Employee Appraisal

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Performance appraisals are an important aspect of corporate culture because they help build relationships between the employers and employees besides providing a platform that ensures personal success. Performance appraisals help the management to gauge the overall progress of an organization and allow it to formulate new strategies that will ensure continued success. There are several reasons for an organization to undertake regular employee appraisals: to determine the compensation requirements, to track regularly the employees’ performance and obtain feedback that will enable it reset the corporate strategies for greater success. 

Conducting regular appraisals of employees aid the employer to determine the levels of compensation due to each employee. Appraisals help the employer to identify employees who have gone the extra mile in their work or do their tasks diligently. Therefore, employers will be motivated to remunerate such workers in better terms, making them feel appreciated and maintain their productivity (Spector, 2008). The only way that an employer can track exceptional employees would be through regular appraisals. 

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Spector (2008) explains that another reason why employers may need to conduct performance appraisals would be to track constantly the strong and weak points within the organization. A constant review will enable the organization to create policies that enable it to use the available workforce efficiently and effectively. Information from appraisal would then be crucial to the organization when handing out new assignments by ensuring the right employees execute certain projects. 

The third need for an organization to conduct constant performance appraisals would be to identify the right candidates to give promotions. When organizations hire from within, it is easier to keep constant management styles that work by ensuring consistency within the organization (Spector, 2008). Constant appraisal ensures that right individuals receive promotions thereby uplifting the morale of others in the organization. 

Constant employee appraisal develops an organization’s workforce and ensures that the hardworking employees are rewarded for their efforts. An appraisal is also crucial in ensuring that an organization becomes efficient and effective in its processes. Additionally, appraisals enable an organization to review its workforce to place employees according to skills and experience and to remunerate them accordingly. 


Spector, P. E. (2008). Industrial and organizational psychology: Research and practice . New York, NY: J. Wiley & Sons. 

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