7 Sep 2022


How to Help Children Learn and Read

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Question one 

Private schools might not necessarily be better than public schools. However, from the tests, a high performance by private schools might be as a result of different factors. Such schools usually compete against each other for the best students. Getting the best students who are mostly from wealthier parents who are better educated can be a reason for the good performance. Private schools are also better placed to hire qualified teachers who are result oriented and well motivated. Such teachers can give personalized attention to the children and understand each child strengths and weaknesses. 

Question two 

Standardized test can be used to measure academic performance but cannot be reliably used to make policy decisions. This is because the samples might not be representative of the entire population, sample selection might be biased, or the results cannot be accurately used to draw a conclusion. Students might not exhibit the required effort in the tests for obvious reasons that it does not contribute to their final results. At times, bright students may shy away from taking the test leaving it to the average and below average students. 

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Question three 

Standardized national testing is a good idea as long as it contributes to improvements in the level of education. In some cases, some schools primarily private might voluntarily accept such test for the sole purpose of producing excellent results and hence attracting more students. Having one test for all students is not likely to be economical as personnel and time would be required. Sample results can be useful in drawing generalized conclusions on the trend of education in the country, but their administration needs to be monitored to reduce biases. Similarly, a larger sample needs to be selected for it to be representative of the entire population. 

Question four 

Combining phonetic and whole language learning is the best approach for a child to learn and develop. Concentrating on a single one as practiced by some of the classmates leads to a deficiency of the other. Children who learn using a combination of the two are likely to adapt to any situation or a teacher who uses a single approach. More often teachers who use a one-size-fits-all approach found that a child with the combination is brighter and understands the concepts better. 

Question five 

In 2015 grade four students had an average score of two hundred and twenty-three which is two points lower than 2013. In the same year, thirty-six percent of the same group performed at or above the proficient level in reading. 


NAEP – 2015. Mathematics & Reading Assessments. Retrieved February 22, 2017, from https://www.nationsreportcard.gov/reading_math_2015/#reading?grade=4 

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