19 Jan 2023


How to Withdraw from School

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Dear Sir/madam, 

I am writing to inform you of my withdrawal from the school program due to a family emergency and will not complete the current semester. Last week I received a call from my father about a family emergency that needs my attention. The issue has hindered my concentration in class, and I am falling behind in my work. This has made it difficult for me to complete my classwork successfully. Sadly, I will no longer pursue the expected program and attend my classes as required. 

I have enclosed the withdrawal forms required by the college. I am writing this letter according to the school policy. Since I am within the time limit, I anticipate receiving a refund of my school fees. As much as I would like to attend all my classes, I cannot be able because of the situation in my family. I do not have the emotional strength and time to devote to my classes as required. 

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I anticipate that the attached documents will provide a deeper insight into my family emergency that requires my attention. Kindly consider my case, decide on my case considering that it is an emergency, and will derail the best of my abilities to succeed in my academics this semester. I hope that I will resume my classes next semester and complete my course as required. 

I appreciate your time. 

Kindly contact me on my phone number and email in case you need more information. 

Thank you for your understanding. 


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