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Homework: Is it Helpful or Harmful?

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Different life aspects have welcomed differing opinions from people. They may be positive for some people while to others they might adversely affect them. The same thing applies to homework some support it but others do not like the idea. So as to understand the impact of homework on students, there should be an understanding of what it means. Homework is a part of class learning where students are given assignments to work on during their time after school. The definition of homework has, however, been differently stated by different writers. Carbone (2009) defines homework as “a crucial extension of in-school opportunities to learn.” Many parties have questioned the significance of homework in schools with some people claiming that it is irrelevant and uncalled for. Homework is, however, useful in the development of students skills learnt in class and should thus not be underestimated. 

Homework plays a very crucial role in building up a student’s confidence. Some students lack confidence in class especially when it comes to giving answers. The reason for this may be due to lack of self-confidence in the answer they want to give. Such student has low self-esteem that they rarely even give their opinions in class about a certain topic of discussion. It is due to the realisation of this weakness in most students that teachers give homework. The homework is aimed at helping such students work on their fear of answering the question in class. Homework gives these students an opportunity to put down what they know and has learned. Therefore, homework boosts students’ morale in that if the provide correct answers in their homework, the chances are that they will be willing to answer the same questions in class next time.

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Additionally, homework grants a student an opportunity to look into the classwork materials. Homework is the best way for students to revise what they have taught in class. It is of benefit because the student can read what they learnt in class again and grasp some points they did not understand during class time. Akman (2014), insists that homework helps a student practice more by reviewing course materials which make them proficient. Some points might slide away when teachers are teaching in class. As such, homework allows students to research further into areas they did not understand. 

Furthermore, homework strengthens the lessons learnt in class that day (Armes, 2011). Despite homework being said to be frustrating, the most important thing is that it reinforces what students had learnt in class. The questions which might be included in the homework give the student a push to look into what they learnt. Thorough or broad search on the topic they learnt in class helps them get an in-depth understanding of the lessons. 

Homework also improves the students’ performance. Practising to pose good performance, can be done by giving the right kind of homework to students. A student has high chances of improving in class tests when the homework reinforces their classwork. It helps them get a sharp understanding of different topics they learn in class. Sometimes, the homework gives the student an opportunity to ask the teacher where they missed a certain point. With that, the students’ performance keeps on improving as they gain new knowledge and clear understanding.

Time management is an important aspect which is also boosted by homework. Students get to learn about how they can manage their time when they have homework. It is for them to have a schedule on what they will do when they get home. Students have to manage time as they have deadlines given by the teachers to hand in their respective homework. Homework implies that students need to understand and follow their schedule, which presents a stepping stone for most children not only in their childhood but even later on in their adulthood. 

Further, homework promotes self-discipline in students (Reilly, 2016). Discipline is improved as students learn to do the homework on their own without the teacher’s supervision. The student learns how to answer questions without depending on the answers from their friends. It helps them to be dependent. They learn how to use their own sources and make the best out of their time without having to rely on friends, teachers, or even parents, at times.

Moreover, a good relationship between the children, teachers and the parents is enhanced (Fuglei, 2016). Even though some parents claim that homework limits them from interacting with their children, the parents have an opportunity to get involved with what their children learn in school (Parker, 2014). Children might also ask for help from their guardians or parents which are also a way of interacting. It helps them know what their kids can handle and what they cannot. This kind of working environment fosters a strong bond between parents and their children. Again, teachers get the chance to get close to their students (Akman, 2014). Students get to ask teachers what they never got to understand in class on a personal level. The student also feels free with the teacher, and this helps them work better. Their interest towards a certain subject also develops. Students easily understand what the teachers teach them from the relationship they get to have with the teacher. 

Student’s future achievement is also improved (Carr, 2013). Homework helps the students get more knowledge on things they never had an idea about. Most of the lessons they learn after doing their homework help them to achieve their future goals in various fields such securing lucrative jobs. Additionally, if the students are serious about doing their homework, chances are they get to do their work way better than the others. 

Students’ knowledge is also expanded from doing homework (Marzano & Pickering, 2007). The student gets to learn more on what they heard in class. The homework may cover more on what they heard in class, and this enhances more knowledge to the student. Some parents claim that the homework prevents their children from pursuing other interests. However, homework helps them cover other areas which may not necessarily be class related. The knowledge got from the doing the homework may give them the interest to learn more about other interests or fields.

Moreover, the teacher gets to know the weakness the student has by giving them homework (Weir, 2014). When the teacher goes through the homework, he or she has the chance to know what the student hardly understands. Homework is of significant help here as the teacher can correct the student and teach them on how the work should be done. The student also gets to figure out how they can correct the mistakes from their work. A teacher who understands the weakness and strengths of their students can come up with a different kind of approach to boost the child’s abilities.

In conclusion, homework, as seen from the above argument, is mostly helpful not only to the students but also the parents and teachers. For parents to stop having the wrong perception about homework and terming it harmful (Biber, 2016), they should tell teachers on what quality they want for their children. On the other side, the teachers should give homework which they are sure will be of benefit to the students. The teachers should also give the students homework which does not cover most of their time at home (Le Tendre, 2015). Additionally, teachers should give the students homework according to their capability to think and handle. Time for other activities will be available if the teachers give less time-consuming homework to the students. Parents giving a hand in doing the homework and changing the perception that homework is harmful will make them see the greater part of homework being of benefit.


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