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Impact of drug overdose

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By the end of the session, approximately 50 audience will have the knowledge on the problems or issues associated with drug overdose 

Problems and issues associated with drug overdose 

Drug overdose is both a problem and issue, basing on the evidence based research on the impact of drug overdose; the findings indicate that the rising number of deaths among young people is a result of drug overdose. According to the National Health board, Drug overdose is the act of taking more that the prescribed drugs or consuming illegal drugs. Drug overdose and drug abuse are both the same act. When a patient consumes drugs without the knowledge from the clinician, it becomes an issue because it will lead to other health problems that could result to death (Paulozzi Kilbourne & Desai 2011). 

Power point presentation 

10 minutess 

By the end of the session, the audience will have the information on drug overdose 

Who needs the information 

Everyone need information regarding drugs, it is a knowledge that will help generations, the young and old depend on drugs for medication, they therefore need more information. For example prescribing the patient on how to use medication contributes to passing information and this will help to reduce the number of people dying from drug overdose. 

Power point presentation 

10 minutes 

By the end of the session 100 audience are expected to give solutions to the problem 

Possible solutions 

Deaths that occur by overdose have been related to various social factors such as anger, depression, pain, shame, guilt helplessness and family feuds. The most appropriate solution to this problem will be a therapy for the affected. It is important to watch the symptoms of social problems that can influence an individual to commit suicide through drug overdose. Also it is important to keep drugs away from children below certain age; this is because they lack knowledge regarding the dangers of drug overdose. Psychological support is also important because it will help the affected. 

Power point presentation 

20 minutes 

By the end of one month, the task on disseminating information would have been accomplished 

Dissemination of information 

Disseminating information in regards to the research on the impact of drug overdose is important, because it will create awareness and rescue families who are under such situation. Schools and colleges also need to have more knowledge on drug abuse so that they can find a solution to end the rising deaths caused by drug overdose. 

Power point presentation 

10 minutes 


Paulozzi, L. J., Kilbourne, E. M., & Desai, H. A. (2011). Prescription drug monitoring programs and death rates from drug overdose. Pain Medicine , 12 (5), 747-754. 

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