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Kids Take Charge - Stages to Raise Awareness

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Module Seven: Lab Questions

Kids Take Charge

I believe Kiran Bin Sethi uses contagious to indicate that there are actions that happy people cannot do without. Some of them include passion, smiling, and inspiration.

The first stage is to build awareness. The second involves feeling enabled and the third is to develop a sense of awareness. Sethi developed a philosophy to teach kids “I can” change people and ‘I can’ change others. She showed the children this by allowing them perform child labor, so that they could understand they had a choice of doing other things. 

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The modification is that every other month, the town shuts its busiest streets to allow children playing time. In the course of this time, the kids are permitted to use the streets as a playground. 

I would change the education curriculum to allow children choose any career path they want to pursue. This will allow children to identify their talents at a tender age. 

Talents will ensure that all people do what they like and enjoy best and I believe all people will be able this way. The society will thrive tremendously and there will be no cases of school dropouts. 

Free the Children

The organization was founded to raise awareness in America regarding child labor in addition to encouraging other kids to take part in the matter. Craig was motivated to start the organization after the slaughter of Iqbal Masih, a 12-year old former child factory employee, who had raised his concerns about child labor.

Consumers exploit children without their knowledge when they acquire some goods produced by companies that use children as labor, with chocolate being the best example. 

The organization build water wells and schools, provides medication, and assists create opportunity programs for individuals in developing countries. As indicated, in 2008 the organization celebrated the building of its 500th educational institution and two years later, Free The Children has built 650 schools that educates 55,000 children in a day. 

In youth groups and classrooms across the UK, and North America, young individuals fundraise for WE Villages using independent fundraising movements of Free The Children’s well formed campaigns. Some other funding comes emanates from adult supporters, corporate groups, and grants. 

Craig is calm, loving, and caring. He believes in completing every task he has started and believes in success.

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