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Life Experiences and Challenges

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Clearly, our lives are shaped by various experiences we have encountered. Good and bad memories play a significant role in altering the outlook we have towards out lives as well as future. It is pertinent to affirm that if our experiences were different our perceptions about life would be different. Personally, I have had various experiences that have structured my life. In this article, I discuss some of these experiences and the challenges that I had to overcome while seeking to meet some of my academic goals.

Having both parents is an essential experience that shaped my life. The reason is that they reinforced various character traits in me. For instance, since I was a child my dad would take my brother and I at this place of work. He would make us do some chores at the premises. On several occasions, he told us that hard work and determination are the primary elements of success 1 . He was happy when I did something constructive. For this reason, I leaned to put extra effort in whatever I do. I believe that one should not give up under all circumstances. Besides, my dad would also teach us to manage out lives. He gave us relevant life examples of making the right choices. On the other hand, my mom taught me the significance of being kind and courteous to other people. Up to date, I find myself speaking massages of kindness and encouraging other people to be kind because of the experience 2 .

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Financially, my family was not well off. In this case, I could not access some things as other children of my age. However, I leant to forgo then and live on. I could see that my dad would do his best to ensure that we had food on the table. It is from his experience that I leant that giving up is not an option in life. Instead, one should put more effort towards achieving his or her goals. Moreover, I leant to forgo some things in life. It is needless to live a life that one cannot afford. Rather, live according to your standards and be happy 3 .

Throughout my educational life, I have experience various challenges. The financial constraint was the major challenge because my father would struggle to pay my fees. Besides, I could not afford other remunerations in life. During my high school education, I used to face criticism because I was not very social. Colleagues thought that I was a nerd because all I cared about books. During my high school, teachers used to pity me because they saw something was wrong. However, I could not tell them what was going on. For this reason, most of them concluded that being silent was my personality 4 .

The experience changed my personality into an introvert. I ensure that I deal with my problems before I tell them to anyone. Otherwise, I go silent trying to figure out the most appropriate solutions to apply. I see my life, and I remember some of the experiences I had. My current life is the end-result of such experiences. Besides, the challenges I had in life made me persistent. Therefore, I ensure that I am focused to achieve my set goals despite the challenges that I undergo. 

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