18 Jul 2022


Montessori Education - The Best Way to Respond to Your Child's Needs

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The advocacy on the spread of awareness about the Montessori philosophy and how it links scientifically to current child development is a crucial and less addressed issue in our current society. Parenting styles, how children are viewed and the influence on conventional education style and culture is an important factor considered by my colleague. The fact that the effectiveness of the Montessori education method has been viewed as a key aspect makes the advocacy come out strongly as it pins points the essence of the education system. Researching on the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector of 2018 makes this discussion viewed as important since it has been addressed at the National level. 

My colleague has put into consideration the reaction of children when in and out of school. Explaining how the environment affects the emotions, social and cognitive aspects of children makes this topic an essential. The inclusion of organizations and institutions that promote Montessori education will emphasize the essence of this advocacy as the public will also listen to the views of the established organizations and institutions. It is very important that my colleague gives an essential advice on teacher and parents short courses to increase awareness and show the effectiveness of the Montessori education system. 

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The major challenge as cited is the fact that the government does not support the Montessori education system despite researchers highlighting its benefits and effectiveness. In other words, the government does not fund this education system making it strenuous for the Montessori system. Now that efforts to convince the government to offer support have deemed impossible, it is important that my colleague has shifted focus on to the parents who feel the direct impact of the education system and the education ministers to campaign for this course. My colleague has brought up a contradiction by stating that the government funds the education system and later on denying the same. And therefore, finding a financing method would be appropriate. 


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