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Obesity - a health condition that is associated with excessive body fat

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Obesity is a health condition that is associated with excessive body fat. It is often described as a condition where the patient consumes more calories than they use. Obesity is said to be a lifestyle disease because people with a certain lifestyle are likely to contract it than others. The main causes of obesity include eating foods high in calories, lack of physical exercise, excessive eating and the genes of the person. Obese people are also at a risk of getting diabetes, certain groups of cancer, hypertension and other illnesses which are associated with excessive body fats. Obesity has become a global problem, and there has been the need to look into the cause of this life-threatening disease so as to find ways to deal with it. Obesity has many effects on the patient and the society at large. There has been the need to find the cause and effect of obesity so that a long-term solution can be found. 

One of the main causes of obesity is the diet in which people take. Eating and drinking foods high in calories among other factors may cause obesity. People who eat a balanced diet than foods in high calories are less likely to get obesity. The young generation in the US has been affected by the condition because they eat junk foods. Children and teenagers are more likely to get obese because they take fast foods which have excess fats and carbohydrates. The society should be educated on the right foods to eat so as to live a healthy life. They should be enlightened on the foods to avoid such as the fast foods and those with high calories. When a health practitioner diagnoses a patient with obesity, they should advise them on the right diet to adopt in addition to the treatment given to them. 

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Certain lifestyle changes may also cause obesity in an individual. People who are less active have a higher chance of becoming obese unlike those who are active physically. When a person becomes active, they burn the excess calories in the body, therefore reducing the chances of getting the disease. The only way to burn the excess body fats is to exercise and become physically active. For example, a person who works in an office has a higher chance of becoming obese, unlike a casual laborer. This is because the casual laborer uses their excessive body fats while doing the manual work. One who works in the office has no much movement which makes them stores excess fats and calories. People who have a tendency to attend the gym for physical fitness may live a healthier life than those who do not. Patients are advised to become active so as to reduce the amount of fats and calories stored in their bodies. 

The genetic makeup of an individual is also one of the causes of the disease. There are people from certain families who have a higher chance of becoming obese than others. For example, a child whose one or both parents are obese is likely to get the disease if they do not take certain precautions. It is important for a person who suspects they have the genes of being obese to take a balanced diet and become physically active. Certain psychological factors such as stress and depression are also known to increase the chances of becoming obese. When one is depressed or stressed, they may decide to lock themselves up to bury their emotions. This makes the person become less active which leads to obesity. Others tend to eat excessively during stressful and depressing moments which might make them obese. It is important for the society to be educated on the best way to handle stress and depression so that they will not suffer from obesity. People should be cautious and be keen to observe a member of the society so that they can counsel them before they live an unhealthy life. There are certain medications which increase the appetite of the patient which may lead to obesity. These medications make the person eat frequently and not exercise which will lead to the storage of excessive fats and calories. The people taking these medications should receive guidance on the right foods to eat to deal with the hunger pangs when they strike. 

The effects of obesity are not only experienced by the patient but the society at large. Obesity poses a health risk to the patient as it is a life-threatening disorder. If not well managed, the patient may die if the condition is an extreme case. Diseases such as cancer, diabetes, stroke, hypertension and many others may be brought about by obesity. Some cancers are caused by the type of food we take. Fast foods and processed foods are high in fat and calories which may cause obesity and later on cancer. Hypertension or high blood pressure may be caused by taking fatty foods. These excess fats get into the blood vessels, narrow them and reduce the blood’s flow throughout the body. Obesity affects the self-esteem of the patient because they will lock themselves up because they feel ugly. The society has made people believe that fat people are ugly. This makes the obese people shy away from the public because they lack confidence. Obesity also degrades the quality of life of the affected person. Most obese people cannot do the simplest task for themselves. They have to seek help from people because the huge body makes their movement difficult. 

Treating and managing obesity has a negative effect on the society. Treating the health conditions brought about by obesity is an expensive process which degrades the society’s economy. Funds that could have been used for other things to improve the economy are used in treatment. The family members and the caregivers of the patients may get psychologically affect to see their loved one suffer. In case the patient dies, children may be left as orphans at an early age. Obese people are also unproductive which slows down the country’s economy. If these patients become bedridden, they may have to stop working or close their businesses. The government also incurs expenses to support treatment which could otherwise be avoided. 

It is important for individuals, the society, and the government to find the cause of obesity so that they can find a solution for a healthy nation. Some of the causes of obesity such as diet and lack of exercise may be prevented, but some such as the genetic makeup may not be prevented. People should take a personal choice of living health by eating the right foods and exercising regularly. The society should take the initiative to educate its members on the right kind of lifestyle to adopt to avoid the disease. They should also care for those who are suffering and help them access the right treatment. The government should provide funds to create awareness about obesity. The government should also set up recreational facilities that will encourage people to exercise and burn the excess calories in their bodies. The government should also provide funds and build health facilities that will help treat and manage obesity. The cause and effect of obesity should be established so that a solution to the disease can be found. 

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