17 Jun 2022


Personal World View Project

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Prime reality, the real 

The prime reality is God. While other form of realities may be perceived via differing human lenses, the nature of God would not change in spite of such perceived reality. God is thus the utmost and only truth (All About, 2017). 

External reality 

External reality refers to the views that people hold in the world. It indicates notions of people in regards to the world around us. The world was created by God and not autonomous. It was created in a very orderly manner. It would thus be wrong to take a subjective view of the world instead of the truth. 

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Human being 

Human beings are beings created by God. Nevertheless, the fact that they were created in the image of God is not verifiable as no one has seen God. 


Death wipes human beings from the surface of the earth. The way people ages losing almost all bodily functions are a clear indication that they are being eliminated from the face of the earth. Nevertheless, the issue of ascending to a higher order is contentious. It only through believes that one can take this position. Otherwise, from mere observation, death is viewed by many as personal extinction (All About, 2017). 


Human beings have the ability to know the truth. They were created by God with superior thinking capacity. Equally, if we were to derive from the premise that they were created in image and likeness of God, it is conclusive that they have some Godly capabilities, including the capability to know the truth and what is false. 

Right and wrong 

People define what is wrong and what is right depending on their understanding of the truth. In this case, God is the prime truth, and without an understanding of God, it would be difficult to tell between the wrong and right. Culture does not indicate right or wrong as cultural definitions of the truth, and the wrong is rather subjective. 

What is right in one culture may be viewed as being wrong in another culture. Rather, it is only through the understanding of God that one would know the truth. At the same time, the right and the wrong cannot be defined by what we feel. For instance, what feels good to one person may be bad to another person. What is viewed as being right by one person may be viewed as being wrong by another person. It is thus clear that it is only through reference to God that people will be in a position to tell between what is right and what is wrong (All About, 2017). 

Human history 

Human history indicates the development of human beings across history. People started migrating from specific locations. Through migration and wars, the current patterns of human settlement were established. From a biblical perspective, God created Adam and Eve whose descendants spread to other parts of the world. The purpose of God creating human beings should thus be assessed if human beings are to reach the actual historical meanings of human development and existence. 

Personal definition of worldview 

The above study has shaped my view on worldview. Worldview refers to the understanding and meanings that human beings give to their existence, the existence of others as well as the existence of nonhuman materials and beings. Understanding of the truth is a cornerstone of the development of the real and right world views. God is presented as the prime truth, and hence it is only through the understanding of God that individuals would be in a position to develop the right world view. 


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