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Physical Abuse of the Elderly

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Physical abuse of the elderly is one of the saddest things happening in our country, and worldwide. According to the National Council on Aging, at least ten percent of the Americans aged 60 years and above have suffered some form of abuse. Physical abuse has become rampant, in certain parts of the country. For example, the practice is rampant in the nursing homes situated in California ( California Nursing Home Physical Abuse Attorney | San Diego , n.d.). Physical abuse may be described as the intentional application of physical force that directly results in pain or bodily harm. As a matter of fact, the abused people could suffer serious injury because of their fragile nature.

There is a plethora of reasons for physical abuse of the elderly in nursing homes. One of them is the inadequate staffing levels at the homes- which aids the perpetrators in getting away unnoticed. Failure to conduct proper background screening of caregivers and inadequate training are also some of the reasons that contribute to the same.

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In my position as a counselor, I would try a number of methods to curb the physical abuse of elders. One of the interventional methods that I would employ is paying attention the behavioral and social patterns of the elderly. Keeping an eye on their health conditions would also serve to implement controls against physical abuse. For example, if an elderly person looks withdrawn and bruised in some parts of his/her body, I would place such a person under special watch where only one particular caregiver will be charged with taking care of them. Secondly, as a counselor, I would encourage the elders’ family members to visit the elders often as this could help prevent physical abuse of the elders ( Physical abuse in nursing homes - Signs, Types & Prevention , n.d.). This would help the elders disclose any fears that they me be having regarding potential physical abuse.


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