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Placing Personal Object in Contacts

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While most people dream of traveling to the Maldives, the Mexican islands or Bora Bora for vacation, I have always had a contrary location from theirs. The world is full of lovely places to visit, and somehow among all these places, Australia, France, and the United States remain my favorite countries. The cities of Paris and Australia have especially caught my attention in the recent years. Who would pass a chance to visit Paris and get lost in the breathtaking array of cultural diversity, creativity, and architecture? Many people have described Paris as a city of wonder; I couldn’t agree more. It is in this city that I have discovered the most beautiful architecture. The Eiffel tower has been described as one of the most beautiful architecture in France. (besttourism.com, 2016)

Perth, on the other hand, is a much smaller city than Paris, but it has very good weather even though the summer there is really hot, the rest of the year is just great. I have had the opportunity to bask on the beach, and those opportunities have turned out to be some of my most amazing memories. They are beautiful, clean and secure. Not forgetting the breathtaking sky blue waters and the most magical waves one can see, “Its crystal clear waters make it a popular place for swimming, snorkeling, and surfing.” (Craig, 2012) The wine in Perth is also glorious always leaving you wanting more. I find the lifestyle there much more relaxed keeping in mind that it is a small city with a small population of about 2 million people. I find it less crowded and much safer compared to most cities that I have been to around the world. Life in Perth always feels like a never ending summer which has been a great escape for me during winter breaks. 

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I am a great patriot. I am fond of the American way of life, the country with the most accommodative people, most welcoming and most importantly I treasure the rights and freedoms I get to enjoy in this country “One of the gifts of America is the right to vote” (Gardlner, 2016). I feel that I owe this country and all the good things it stands for a huge gratitude and as they say- “East or west, home is best.” It is not about the infrastructure or the technology in it; it is the people who live and strive to make this country great every day.

One constant thing that people around me seem to notice during my travel is my sexuality. I have always known that I am queer and much different than other kids, from my obsession with fashion to my personal nature of keeping to myself. In a world where you are surrounded by judgmental people all around you, it was always bound to happen that sooner or later, people would start questioning my sexuality. At this early age, no one should question my sexual identity. The world should stop defining one’s sexual identity based on the people they are sleeping with. I would really love it if people moved on from rigid sexual identities and let us, you and I live life. However, we choose to. 

If there is a lesson I have learned having been to these countries is that no matter how much time I spend there, no matter how good the tan in Perth gets and how great the beaches become, you can really never get enough of your favorite. I have visited a certain hotel and eaten my favorite meal several times hoping to get bored and finally get myself a new joint with a different meal, but this only leaves me craving for more of it. I want to visit these places every summer holiday, every winter break and every time I go there; it seems like a whole new experience to me. I hope that many people get to visit Perth, Paris and also get to explore the great country that is the United States. 


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