9 Sep 2022


Psychology in Everyday Life

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The Big Ideas 

Considering the four big ideas, the second one titled behavior is a biopsychosocial event seems most interesting. What attracts me to this big idea lies both in how revealing it is and also how accurately it defines one of the most complex human concepts. From a casual perspective, there might seem to be no logical explanation for how individual human beings act and express themselves. After careful analysis, there will always seem to be a form of structured trends to human behavior with clear similarities and distinctions between different groups of people. 

The biopsychosocial explanation creates a plausible answer to the complex question of why humans behave as they do. It shows that behavior is premised on a combination of biological factors, psychological factors, and social factors. The combination of these factors in different ratios for different people as a determinant for their behavior creates a logical explanation for why human behavior varies greatly (Myers & Sewell, 2014). 

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Personal Spaces 

A careful analysis of my personal spaces reveals several common factors. First, they are extremely clean and neat with even the seemingly hidden areas kept tidy. The second common factor is that nothing that would rather not be there has been retained . Any form of clutter or unused gadgets is kept out of the way. The scenario is revealed on my social network sites where posts, whether written or multimedia are kept concise and to the point. 

These characteristics create the impression of an introvert who aspires to have absolute control of the surrounding. The presence of too many things reduces the capacity to control the environment. Untidiness reflects a form of lack of control as it is impossible to have disorganized things have a form of logic to them. However, when things are completely organized , it is almost as if they are not even there (Myers & Sewell, 2014). This trait of being organized has remained in me for a long time and greatly informs my personality. 


Myers, D. G. and Sewell, N. (2014).  Psychology in Everyday Life . New York: Worth Pub. 

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