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Psychology in Indigenous Music

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Title of the song/music: Suicide Note Part 1 

Reference: Texas, 1996, English 

Producer: Pantera 

Main Artists: Dimebag Darrell Vinnie Paul Phil Anselmo Rex Brown. Rex Brown is the backbone of this band, leading to the need for analysis of his life. Rex Brown has suffered psychologically due to diseases such as acute pancreatitis. It led to the removal of his gallbladder and polyps on his pancreas. Since he grew up under single parenthood, he faced oppression and emotional torture leading to a replication of the divorce he had earlier in the decade ( Rivadavia, 2014).  The psychological trauma he faced led to the need to venture into music, acting as a soothing component and a balance in emotions. Other members of the band also suffered psychological trauma due to the struggle to keep the band alive and realize stability in the metal music industry. All the psychological trauma led to the composition of the song, Suicide note part 1. 


The title of the song attracted me to learn more about music since suicide is a psychologically infused action due to oppression and frustrations in life. I have been an admirer of the field of psychology, precisely the mental issues that contributes to decisions people make in life. I have perceived Suicide as an action that leads to breaking away from the pain and its prevalence in contemporary society is vindictive of my perception. However, I have been determined to learn the causes, and effects of this psychological aspect among people in community. The paper aims to analyze Suicide note part 1, a song by the Pantera band regarding the psychological effects and factors it inhibits, dwell on several theories of psychology, the theme of music and description of mental conditions narrated in this piece. 

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Analysis and Discussion 







Social and cognitive theories are examples of the approaches revealed in the suicide note part one song since they focus on the behaviors of individuals. Social cognitive theory is one of the significant theories by Albert Bandura that predicts and describes the behaviors of people and their methods of responding to such behaviors. The increased cases of Suicide arise due to life frustrations and oppression in society. Frustrated people revert to cocaine and other crime that, in turn, leads to exposure to Suicide as an action that draws them away from pain temporarily or forever. The music, suicide note part 1, is an example of emotionally composed music that reflects on life frustrations, the need to end the emotional trauma through drugs and substance abuse and death as a permanent endeavour that secludes the human race from oppression and pain in the modern society. Also, the inclusion of the words such as die again and the terms, the pills that kill and take the pain away are examples of psychological aspects that define this song as a closely connected piece to behavioral descriptions. The entire structure and wording in this song relate to human personalities that have a close attachment to the psychological presentations of the human race. 

Social Cognitive theory 

The theory started as a social learning approach mainly by Bandura in 1960. It considers the acquisition and the maintenance of behavior and the environmental factors that lead to such behaviors ( Otaye-Ebede et al., 2019) . Artist of Suicide Note part 1, all suffered seclusion at one point in their lives. The competitive musical environment rocked by the woes of the information portrayed by the musicians is a representation of the emotional aspect of this music. An individual's past experience also has a significant role in the explanation of this theory since environmental exposure crates a strong notion towards an analysis of the social cognitive theory ( Espelage et al., 2018) . As Albert Bandura asserted, the social cognitive theory must involve observational learning, self-efficacy, expectations, reinforcements and reciprocal determinism, this theory provides more information on the suicide note part 1 music. Social Cognitive theory, therefore, dwells on the emotions and the interactions in the environment that shape the personality of people regardless of the differences in the adaptations. 

Mental disorder is the primary condition that arises from, Suicide Note part 1 song. The artist narrates the emotional aspect that leads to Suicide in society. The element of the environment arises from this perspective. The artist explain a world full of oppression and torture that only requires drugs as a repellant to such experience. Also, the inclusion of pain describes the psychological torture that arises from the social factors in the society, such as isolation and political quagmires. The imbalance between the mind and body contributes to mental illness (Swarbrick, 2012) . Its symptoms can be high and low moods, social withdrawal, dramatic transition in eating behaviors and irritability. The persona of the suicide part 1 song suffers from mental imprisonment that mainly arises from the psychological trauma and lack of proper environmental adaptations. Mental illness causes imprisonment of the mind due to the social and cognitive aspect that an individual undergoes in the society (Gabrysch et al., 2019) . Also, pain is an example of the psychological thought and reactions that people in the community perceive as a reinforcement considering the social cognitive theory. The positive reinforcement that every person wishes in a situation of the occurrence of pain is the social withdrawal. The persona perceives Suicide as the only component that can eliminate pain in this instance. Mental illness is, therefore, a conspicuous condition revealed by the words applied in the suicide note part 1 song by Pantera band. 

Relationship to Mother Nature, mother-son are examples of the links revealed in the suicide note part 1 song. The pressure arising from Mother Nature contributes to the need behaviors that the persona experiences. The oppressive world and the evil content leads to adhere to the stresses and tensions such as Suicide and abuse of drugs. The actions act as features for driving away from the psychological pain and trauma arising from social issues. The mother and son relationship also explains the ideal connection in this song. The phrase, Mother's angel, getting smarter, describes the cognitive growth of audience of the song and their adaptation to the environment, 

Relationship to Mother Nature 

The social consciousness is a factor that everybody should consider since it has a close connection to Mother Nature. The positive response to the natural occurrence and elements in the earth entails Mother Nature (Navone, 2019). As the human race, we should year to promote social and cultural stability. The song dwells on the creation of an imbalance in Mother Nature. Abuse of drugs, the notion of taking life and the conditions arising from such actions fails to adhere to the MotherNature's presentations. The mental balance should be the most sought after factor that will create a balance in Mother Nature and diminish the notion of suicides, depression and drug and substance abuse. It will drive away from the pain that people experience due to environmental influence. The realization of social consciousness solely depends on human race ability and value. 


Psychological descriptions of songs, therefore, depend on the perfect presentation of such a song and the ideal worlds applied. Social cognitive theory is an example of an approach that is conspicuous in the song, suicide note part 1 by Pantera. The persona suffers from depression contributing to mental Suicide. It also leads to the need for Suicide to drive away from the pain. Since the band members of Pantera have undergone psychological due to instability of the band and societal expectations, the song is a perfect replica of social cognitive theory presentations. 


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Rivadavia, E. (2014).  20 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Pantera . Loudwire.  https://loudwire.com/20-facts-you-probably-didnt-know-about-pantera/ 

Swarbrick, M. (2012). A wellness approach to mental health recovery.  Recovery of People with Mental Illness , 30-38.  https://doi.org/10.1093/med/9780199691319.003.0003 

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